#AskKate – 5 Tips Every Week To Grow Your Pet Business.

Facebook Live

Every week I go live in my Free Private Facebook Group to talk to other Pet Owners about ways that they can build their Pet Business.

Each week is different. I could be talking about content tips, social tips, tips to organise your business more effectively or ways to retain more customers.

You also get to ask any questions that you want to each week and I am happy to answer them.

To help you implement all of the ideas here is a weekly list of all my Pet Business Growth Tips.

Note – Blog Post Updated Weekly after the show (most recent at the top of the post!). Join the FB Group HERE

5 Tips Every Week To Grow Your Pet Business.

Week 4

  1. Organise a Meet Up
  2. Use Insta Stories at Events
  3. Blog about events in your area
  4. Hire more people
  5. Chat to people on social…it’s called social for a reason!


Week 3

  1. Read the news for inspiration
  2. Create more structured blog posts
  3. Keep your blogs easy to read
  4. Think about SEO
  5. Have fun with what you write


Week 2

    1. Check daily news events
    2. Answer customer questions
    3. Keep your current customers happy
    4. Go Live on Facebook
    5. Check out Insta Stories

Week 1

  1. Facebook Polls
  2. Location Reviews
  3. Create Fun Content
  4. Re visit / Create a Phone Script
  5. Focus on 1-2 things each week


27 Ways To Get More Customers In Your Pet Business

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