5 Facebook Post Ideas You Will Want to Copy     

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Following on from my post about not scheduling my Social Media anymore I have been re visiting what I am posting on Facebook to make sure that everything I post is connecting with my ideal customers.

To be honest I haven’t changed things too much as what I was doing was working, but I have tweaked and improved things to make sure they stay in people’s newsfeed.

So, here are 5 post ideas that if you are not doing, or not doing very well, I recommend you start implementing.

5 Facebook Post Ideas You Will Want to Copy

#1. Inspirational Images

You either love them or hate them, but the truth is they get a lot of traction on social media and people like to share things that make them happy.

We are lucky we are in the pet industry that there are lots of cute cat and dog quotes that you can use.

Use a resource like Canva to upload a cute picture and add some text.

Top Image Tips:

·         Use good quality pictures

·         Use your brand colours

·         Pick fonts that work with your brand

·         Make your logo discreet – it’s not always all about you!

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#2. Funny Images

There are so many funny images online and let’s face it we all like a good laugh. These can be great to create engagement on your page and get people commenting, liking and sharing.

Puzzles are another good way to interact with people and keep them chatting on your page. A series of posts is a great way to keep people coming back each day.

We recently did this with a spot the heart paw (from our logo) in the picture during walk your dog week. People got very competitive about it and were commenting each day that the pictures were getting harder.

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#3. Videos

Facebook loves videos! So, whether we like our faces on camera or not we might just have to give it a try.

A Facebook live is a good way to interact with people. We recently used one to announce the winner of our Annual Pet Competition and it reached over 9k FB users.

We’ve also done videos to demonstrate how to carve a pumpkin.

We also talked about our services and what we do.


They don’t have to be studio quality, but they do need to be professional, relevant and interesting.

#4. News/Feature Articles

Every day I look for latest pet news to share with my audience. I usually do this when I am having my first cup of tea or when I get into the office.

It takes a few minutes to see what is going on in the world and then choose what is relevant to share with your audience.

Don’t share gloomy news all the time, make sure you have a mix of fun news too. Remember in order to be seen as an expert in the pet care industry you need to act like one.

#5. Blog Posts

You may feel that your blogs don’t get as much reach as a funny picture, but it’s vital you share them.

People do want to have fun on Facebook, but they are also interested in pets (if they are following you!) so share your knowledge and expertise with them.

Why not create some did you know images to highlight facts from your blog posts. These are always good for interaction.

Tops Blog Post Tips:

·         Good titles

·         Brilliant images

·         A status update that makes you want to click to read!

What works best for you on Facebook? What do you fans love you to post?

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