Facebook Page Hacks You May Have Missed!

Facebook Hacks

Social media is constantly changing and to stay visible it’s important to think outside the box and always be trying new ways to get in front of new and existing followers.

That’s why I am always researching and trying new ways to engage with my audience and find new followers.

3 Facebook Hacks You Don’t Want To Miss Out On!

#1. Gifs

Facebook gifs are a fun way to get people to engage with you on your page.

They are eye catching, funky and you can be as creative as you want!


#2. Tagging Brands

If we want to get the attention of a company (and potentially their Facebook Fans) a great way to do this is to tag them in your Facebook Post.

Let’s say you have written a blog post called “The Top 5 Best Dog Toys For Strong Chewers”.

You have obviously included different brand names in the article.

So, when you share the post on social media make sure you tag the brands and let them know they are included.

They may re share onto their Facebook Page if they are featured favourably in the article!

You could do this when you are:

  • Reviewing pet friendly locations in your area
  • Talking about pet food
  • Writing about events in your local area.
  • And more….

#3. Collaborations

While we need to focus on building our own audience we also can benefit from the audience of other companies.

This is where a collaboration is important.

If you know there is a brand that aligns well with your ideal customer, for example a local pet boutique, then why not approach them to see if you can do a promotion together.

You could invite people to enter by sharing a picture of their pet and telling you what they love most about them.

The prize would be something from you AND something from the other company.

The benefit to you is that your company gets in front of all their followers when they share the competition on their page.

Tops Tips

  • Don’t make people like both your pages
  • Don’t ask them to share your content with 10 friends
  • Don’t use tactics that will stop Facebook showing your post!


  • Share the competition with your customers (and ask them to!)
  • Share the competition with your email list (and ask them to!)
  • Promote the competition on your social channels (and ask them to!)

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