5 Reasons Facebook Isn’t Working for Your Business

Facebook isnt working

Despite the constant algorithm changes Facebook is an excellent way to have conversations with your ideal customers. It’s a social place that people spend a lot of time hanging out in and it’s still probably one of the most affordable ways to market your business.

There are lots of reasons why a business might not be getting the results that they want from Facebook, most of which can be solved quite easily.

5 Reasons Facebook Isn’t Working for Your Business

#1. You Are Broadcasting to Your Audience

No-one wants to be sold to all the time, it’s just not what we are on Facebook for. We want to speak to friends and family, and those brands that we feel ‘care’ about us.

We like to get into conversations and give our opinion, but we don’t want to be told what to do all the time.

To see results on Facebook we need to nurture our audience, get to know them and allow them to know, like and trust us.

How Can You Do This?

  • Ask their opinion – what do they like, what are their views on different topics
  • Encourage them to share information or pictures with you – pictures of their pets or information about the local community
  • Share news articles that will spark a conversation – thinks that people care about

#2. You Are Not Spending Time Commenting on Posts and Talking To People

When a post is getting a lot of engagement on Facebook it’s important to hang around in the comments and reply to what people are saying.

This alone will make a huge difference to the post and how many people see it. If Facebook thinks that people are enjoying chatting with you they will show the post to more people.

If people feel you are not there to talk back to them when they comment…they will stop commenting.

No-one likes talking to themselves!

#3. You Have No Strategy When It Comes to Your Page

Do you plan out what you are going to post on Facebook?

If not, you are missing out on much better results than you are currently getting.

Sitting down at the start of the month and thinking about some posts that you could create means you are not

  1. Creating posts last minute in a rush
  2. Forgetting to post!

What Should You Do?

  • Take time to think of a few posts a week you can add to Facebook that will spark a conversation with your audience.
  • Look at Pet Days of the year and see how you can incorporate them into your posts.
  • Keep on top of pet news so you can chat to your fans about what is happening.
  • Grab a copy of my Marketing Planner to help you with your posts

#4. You Are Not Monitoring Your Results

It’s important to assess what is working and what isn’t. Even if you are not paying to boost your Facebook post you still need to know what your audience like and what they don’t like.

Sometimes it’s a case of tweaking what you are doing to make it work or trying a new approach.

Maybe you can ask the question in a different way, maybe try a different time of day or post a different picture.

Trialing different approaches is important and then doing more of what works!

Don’t just post on Facebook and run!!!

#5. You Aren’t Using Facebook Ads (even just a small budget)

As business owners there are times when we need to spend money on promoting our business.

For a small business Facebook is probably one of the most cost effective and measurable ad platforms.

What I love Most About Facebook

  • You have total control over your ad spend
  • You can monitor your results
  • You can make changes quickly
  • You are not tied to an ad campaign that is not working

How Can I Help You?

Facebook is a huge source of traffic to my website and source of referrals. Which means more people are learning about my business and more of them are becoming customers.

Using Facebook, I can target people in different areas of Ireland with different types of service quickly and easily using Facebook.

I can also quickly advertise if I need to hire new Sitters or Admin staff for my business.


I didn’t learn all this overnight!

And that’s why I put together the membership group – so you can learn all these skills quickly and easily in one course specifically tailored for the Pet Industry.

What Do You Love Most About Facebook? What Do You Struggle With?


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