The Problem With Getting Engagement On Facebook: How To Get the Best Facebook Engagement Levels

This is something that people say to me all the time. I think often people think that there is a magic button that you can press to get people to engage with you.

The thing is that creating engagement on facebook takes hard work and consistency.

People are basically on Facebook to be entertained and amused. There want to connect with their friends and family, they want to see fun pictures and laugh at silly videos.


So you need to make sure that you message fits in with what people are coming to Facebook for, so that they want to engage with what you have to offer them.

[bctt tweet=”If you are constantly posting articles and information about your business and how great it is then you have missed the mark on Facebook.”]

Facebook users want fun things that they can share with their friends. And the more of those types of posts you make the more they will engage with you.

Now don’t get me wrong I am not for a second suggesting that you make your page all about silly pictures and videos – after all you are a business.

But you need to consider you fans and what they want.

What Should You Post On Facebook?

This is why I teach people to post a mix of types of posts. The rule is 80% of the time (as a minimum) you should be posting things that are JUST for your fans. Nothing about you and your business.

Now you can still ‘brand’ these fun posts. So if you are posting inspirational pictures then absolutely brand them with your own logo.

If you have a funny picture that you own then you can brand that too. If it’s not your picture and you are sharing it then you can still include your business info when you re share it.

Same with news stories, if you are sharing articles that are extremely newsworthy then make sure you include your spin on it and get people talking.

When you get people engaging on your page with these types of posts then you can put in your 10-20% of business posts and people will already be engaged and be more likely to receive these well, because they have already grown to love your posts and look forward to seeing them.

It’s about taking time to chat with people BEFORE you start talking about yourself. No-one wants to hang out with someone who only talks about themselves.

Overly promotional pictures are a complete turn off for fans.

Take a look at your page – what do you think your 80/20 split really is. I bet its closer to 50/50 at best!


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