[Podcast Ep15] Email Marketing: Why I am Building an Email List in 2016

[Podcast Ep15] Email Marketing- Why I am Building an Email List in 2016

Welcome to Episode 15 of the Pawsome Marketing Podcast – the first Podcast of 2016.

In this weeks episode I talk about why it is so important for me to build my email list this year and start putting more effort into marketing to my email list…and why you should too!

I talk about:

How I don’t own my 23,500 Facebook Fans and the scary thought of losing them!

How email marketing can make you more useful to your followers than you can imagine.

How you will actually be saving money by building an email list, rather than constantly paying for adverts.

How email marketing enables you to be there when someone needs you – NOT just when you need them!

My Tasks For You

Look at your own list (if you have one) and determine how you built it and whether it’s active or needs a clean up

Sign up for popular newsletters and see what they send their customers

Look what businesses are offering people to sign up to their lists

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