[Podcast Ep14] Social Media Planning & Goal Setting

Episode 14 Social Media Planning

If one of your goals is to get more customers in your business then building your social media channels is going to be a really important part of you achieving that, IF you do it properly.

In this episode I talk about


  • What you should be blogging about based on your analytics
  • Which types of blog posts will turn readers into buyers
  • And how Google Analytics can help you determine this


  • How Facebook Insights can help you decide which content is performing better on your page
  • How you can increase the likes on your page
  • How to plan for advertising and convert fans into buyers


  • How to determine if you are ‘active’ on Twitter
  • Why you need to chat to people and not just post your content
  • What time you are going to spend on Twitter finding new followers


  • Why you need to make sure you have local followers and not focus on likes, followers and comments from people that will never buy from you.
  • Why tracking ROI needs to be a focus for you
  • Learn to use local hashtags rather than popular well known hashtags.

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