[Podcast Ep13] 2016 Goal Setting


This week it’s that time of year for us to be looking at Goal Setting, for both your business and your personal lives.

We walk through my Goal Setting Planner and take a look at what was good about 2015 and where you can improve things.

We also consider whether when we set goal if they are SMART Goals and how you can make sure they are.

And finally we look at ways to reward ourselves. The most important part! 🙂

Download the Goal Setting Planner

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Action Steps

  1. Download the Goal Setting Planner
  2. Get any notes you made last year with goals for 2015 and review those
  3. Consider getting rid of any goals you didn’t achieve last year
  4. Work on your SMART Goals for 2016
  5. Review your goals monthly to keep  on track

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