Why No One Is Engaging With Your Marketing And What To Do About It

Engaging Marketing

Marketing your business can be so much fun – creating content, sharing your thoughts, educating your followers. But if you market your business and no one is interested then it’s not quite as much fun!

Our outcome for marketing is for more people to hear about our product or service and then purchase it – right?

But when we approach marketing with that focus that’s where it tends to go wrong. Instead of getting to know people, helping them and building trust we tend to just become a broadcaster of our ‘stuff’.

So in this article I am going to outline where you might be going wrong and what you can do to fix it.

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Why No One Is Engaging With Your Marketing And What To Do About It

#1. Your Content Is A Bit Rubbish

No one wants to admit their content is a bit rubbish. I mean we shared it to our social media – so we must think it’s great. But often we aren’t sharing what our followers want to see or what really interests them. Instead we are thinking about what we like.

Most of the time people are on social media to be entertained – they like fun things, things that interest them and things they can engage with. So if you aren’t sharing a mix of those types of things then it’s unlikely you will get a lot of engagement.

Start by looking at your social media and asking yourself:

  1. Do I have a mix of content people can engage with?
  2. Is my content something people would come back to engage with?
  3. Why would anyone care about what I post?

#2. There Is No Personality In Your Content

It’s hard to think of our content having no personality. I mean why wouldn’t people love everything we post?

But sometimes it’s not the actual content that is a problem it’s the delivery of the content. Instead of sharing it with some love – a fun a comment, a question, some emojis – we just post it and hope for the best.

If you want people to engage with your content then you need to create an environment that encourages that engagement. Remember if you don’t tell people what you want them to do then it’s likely that they will do nothing.

The following phrases are some things you can use to help encourage a conversation.

  • Do you agree?
  • Does your dog do this?
  • Are your pets the same?

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#3. Not Engaging With Your Followers

Let’s say you have your content right and you are asking engaging questions and people are chatting back to you. But then you just ignore them all and don’t make time to reply to comments.

Why would anyone continue to engage and comment on your content if you can’t be bothered to reply to them?

You wouldn’t ask someone a question at a party and then when they answer just ignore them!

So treat social media as if you were talking to people in real life.

And enjoy it! It’s great chatting to people and you really get to know what interests them. And when they know someone who needs your product or services – who do you think they will think of?

#4. Too Many Sales Posts

Buy, buy, buy…..

That’s what it can feel like to your audience if all you do it posts sales posts.

Having said that I think a lot of the time people don’t actually post any sales posts – or very few. So there is definitely a balance that you need to make between having a fun and engaging social media page and one that also says  – hey this is what we do.

Scroll down your social media for 20 seconds and if you don’t see anything that tells people what you do then you need to address that. Add some graphics to show what you do or share some blog posts.

#5. You Are Not Reviewing What’s Working

Do you ever look at what is working? When was the last time that you looked at your social media insights or you looked at your Google Analytics to see where your traffic was coming from?

If you don’t really know what works how can you do more of the things that drive traffic and sales?

You don’t need to be constantly analyzing things but you do need to know what people engage with most, what people like to read about and most importantly what converts to new customers.

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