5 Ways To Get Engagement On Social Media

Engage On Social Media

How Do You Get Engagement On Social Media?

To some extent, I think a lot of people are very focused on social media follower numbers – how many people like you, click to listen to you and subscribe to your list. These are certainly important as a form of social proof, but the true measure of how much people are enjoying your content/posts is engagement.

What Is Engagement?

Engagement is where the follower/fan takes one step further than a ‘like’ and actually talks to you.

You might pose the question “Do you love to watch TV with your Dog?” and 100 people like the comment. You are really excited that everyone loves you…. but what means more is if 10 people actually reply to you and start a conversation with you. Because now you are creating a relationship with them. You are becoming memorable to them.

Just think about how many times you ‘like’ things on social media but don’t remember that brand. If you commented and became invested in the conversation you are more likely to remain connected to them and think of them next time you need the service they are offering.

5 Ways To Get Engagement On Social Media

#1. Ask Questions

Everyone loves to have their say! If you ask someone their opinion then, generally speaking, they are more than happy to give it to you.

This is why questions work so well – as people like to answer them. And we are very fortunate in the Pet Industry that people love to talk about their pets.

You could answer questions like:

  • Does your dog snore?
  • Which do you prefer – cats or dogs?
  • What’s the worst thing you dog has ever done?
  • Is your cat active or a couch potato?

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#2. Inspire People

There is a lot of bad news on social media so standing out as someone who inspires and motivates can draw people to you.

If you are always happy and inspiring people will be drawn to you. No-one wants to follow the social media channels of a grumpy person!

When you post social media images ask a question. For example, Do you agree with this? Do you think this is right? Who agrees – yes or not. Comment below.

#3. Answer Popular Questions

People are full of questions about all different topics. Why not position yourself as someone who posts articles that answer those questions.

Be educational and informative!

Note – You need to be available on your channels to spark a conversation around the blog post and reply to those comments. Don’t just post one blog post after another without trying to generate some chat around it.

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#4. Be Newsworthy

People are looking for an expert to help them with their pet care needs. If you are up to speed with what’s happening in the pet care industry then you will naturally draw pet lovers who care about their pets to you.

Be seen as a pet care expert! Make sure you share content that provokes a conversation and be available online to answer people’s questions around it.

#5. Be You!

Don’t be someone who just copies what everyone else is doing. Make your social channels an extension of you. Put your personality and voice into everything you do.

Scheduling standard posts every day will not engage your audience – you need to spend time chatting with them instead.

Find out what works and what doesn’t – keep testing and changing things up.

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