5 Ways To Engage With Your Audience On Social Media

We all know that’s it much more fun if you have an engaged social media following. After all it’s not much fun if you post on your social channels and everyone ignores you!

This is why it’s important to post content that starts a conversation rather than just broadcasting to your audience every day.

I challenge you to try out some of these tactics with your audience and over time watch people become more interested in talking to you.

5 Ways To Engage With Your Audience On Social Media

#1. Polls

You can use Poll on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Stories. They are a fantastic way to get engagement because you are asking people’s opinion and it’s not something that takes a lot of effort for people to take part in.

All you are asking is them to click which option they choose. For example, do you like cats or dogs?

See how simple it is to just ask a question and have people vote on it. The possibilities are endless for the things you can ask people to take a poll on.


#2. Ask a Question

You can ask people questions about anything you like. This is a fun example of asking people if they say goodbye to their pets before they leave the house.


You can also ask people questions about topics you are trying to educate people about. For example in this Insta Story we shared an infographic image about Easter Dangers for pets and then we asked people did they know about this. It’s a great way to stop people when they are flicking through Insta Stories to take a moment to notice and engage with your content.

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#3. Start A Conversation

This is a great example of getting people to talk about a particular topic. This is where we were asking people about travelling with their pets.

When you ask people questions like this on social media it can actually be a great way to gather information to create a blog post from.

Always ask your audience and let them tell you what they think.


#4. Be Newsworthy

There is so much pet news online every day and these types of articles are great for getting engagement on your page. Pick articles to share that cover topics that people care about and want to share with their friends.

Tip: You might need to try sharing a few and see what your audience reacts to before you find the ones that really create a lot of engagement with your followers.

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#5. Be Funny

Everyone loves funny – so share things to make your audience smile. Social media should be fun and entertaining, so what not be the one to create those types of posts rather than always sharing other peoples funny content.

To date this funny picture has been seen by nearly 40,000 people and has never been boosted on Facebook – that’s all organic.

Wouldn’t you like to create some reach like this?

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Let me know which of these tactics you try on your social media channels.

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