How Easy Are You Making it For Customers To Book Your Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Services?

easy to make booking

There’s nothing worse than being ready to buy or book something and struggling to find out how to do it!

Scrolling through Facebook Posts and website pages trying to find a booking link. And the ultimate horror to many these days – realising you have to actually call and talk to someone!

Sometimes I’m left asking “Do you even really WANT my business?!’

But when you’re running a business with all the things you have to take care of, it can be easy to overlook some of the steps to take to ensure that when your customers are ready to book, they can do it easily in a way that’s convenient for them.

That’s why I’m sharing with you some things you can check right now to keep those bookings flowing!

#1. Online Booking Systems/App

These days people expect to be able to book easily online or through your own App. And if they can’t you may lose them before their first booking!

Luckily there are plenty of low cost, easy to set up systems that make this easy for you! With the added bonus that you don’t have to manually update a diary system or take payments

So if you don’t have booking software then you should look into that as a matter of urgency.

#2. ‘Our Services’ Pages on Your Website

‘Our Services’ Should be on the main menu of your website – with individual pages detailing each of your services

Include your prices (or ‘starting from’ if you need to do individual quotes) so that you are speaking with the right people who are ready to pay your prices.

Also include FAQs and add the link to your online booking system so they can go ahead and book once they have all the information

Remember! A customer who clicks on ‘Our Services’ is usually ready to book, so make sure you don’t lose them by not having all the relevant contact links on those pages in a prominent place!

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#3. Live Chat / Customer Enquiry Form

Live chat is a great feature for customers to get any additional questions answered and there are many services you can subscribe to.

Or if that’s not for you right now an enquiry form is great – be sure to set expectations of how long it’ll take you to answer and make sure to set time aside to answer them daily!

Include links to these on your ‘Our Services’ pages too

#4. Display Your Phone Number Clearly On Your Website and Marketing Materials

Depending on your business and your market you may go exclusively for online bookings – as I said, these days a lot of people won’t use a service if they have to call to book!

If you do choose to have telephone contact, make sure you’re able to answer / get back to customers quickly.

Again there are lots of services out there to help you with this

#5. Remember to ASK For The Booking!

Include clear Calls To Action on your web pages, blogs, emails and social posts. For example, book now by clicking this link; ‘Click here to make an enquiry’; Call us on …

Include promotional posts for your different services daily. You may feel like you’re posting too much but remember your customers only see a small percentage of what you post.

#6. Add Your Booking Links / Phone Number to all Communications and Marketing Materials

Include them in your e-mail signature. Add them to receipts, invoices, follow-up surveys – anything you send your clients.

And include them on all your stationery and marketing materials

#7. Add Your Links / Phone Numbers to All Your Social Media Profiles

Don’t make your customers scroll! Include them in your headers and about sections.

Use the built in features on social media to add ‘Book Now’ or ‘Learn More’ buttons to your profile and posts

#8. Write an Ebook e.g. ‘What to Look For When Hiring a Pet Sitter/Dog Walker’

Ebooks are an AMAZING tool to attract the RIGHT customers into your business and to repel the wrong ones (trust me there are customers you DON’T want!)

I’ve written a whole blog on why you should use eBooks – check it out here – using eBooks really transformed my business and I can’t recommend it enough.

And of course include all your booking and enquiry links, phone numbers and email addresses so once that ideal customer has read your Ebook they can easily go ahead and book.


There are SO many ways to make it easy to book your services! Do you have them all in place for your business?

Go and check now! It doesn’t take long to set these things up and they’ll keep customers flowing to you forever once you have them in place.


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