5 Fun Ways To Promote Your Pet Business At Easter

5 Ways To Promote Your Pet Business At Easter

Should you Promote Your Pet Business At Easter?

YES!!! We should always be thinking of fun and new ways to promote our Pet Business – and Easter is no exception. It’s a great chance for you to have some fun on your social media and also create some useful content that will help and educate your readers.

You don’t need to do everything on the list below – just pick the ones that you think your audience will love the most and you will enjoy creating.

5 Ways To Promote Your Pet Business At Easter

#1. Things To Do In Your Local Area

There will be lots of events happening in your local area that your followers would love to know about. So either create your own blog post (Things to do this Easter in X Town) or share articles/posts that other people have created to promote their event.

You could even include some of these events in a special Easter Newsletter to let your readers know about them.

Top Tip – If you aren’t sure what’s happening in your area for Easter then ask on Social Media and collate the information that way. This is a great technique to use for any information gathering activity you need to do.

#2. Easter Themed Dog Treats

I love baking for my dogs – mainly because they love everything I make for them! And articles I write about baking for dogs are hugely popular and very sharable.

So it’s a great way to become more visible in your local area.

You could either do a roundup post of treats that other people have baked (obviously giving them credit) or you could make some of your own. And grab some cookies cutters off Amazon to make them Easter Friendly!

#3. Easter Egg Hunt

These could be a physical Easter Egg hunt guide which shows people how to create one for their own dog or you could hide tiny eggs in a photo and get people to find them virtually.

Anytime you are talking about Easter Eggs it’s also a great time to educate people about the dangers of chocolate for dogs and what they should do if their dog eats chocolate.

If you don’t have a blog post on this then time to write one! This is a perfect example of evergreen content – something you can use over and over again to educate your audience.

#4. Caption This

Why not share a fun Easter themed cat or dog picture and ask people to caption it. For this to be successful you need a fun picture – maybe the dog has a funny expression on their face or is doing something funny.

You could look for something online to use or you could take a photo with your own pets.

This could be a just for fun or you could offer a prize for the best caption.

Top Tip– When you choose the winning caption add it to the image and re share it. It’s likely then people would re share.

#5. Cutest Outfit Contest

Who doesn’t love a good photo contest? And why not do one for Easter and ask people to share picture of their pets dressed up for Easter.

If your audience don’t really dress up their pets you could have the Photo Contest be about spending time with your pets over Easter. So getting out for a walk in your local area this Easter, visiting local attractions in your area this Easter etc.

It doesn’t need to have a prize – but make sure you promote the winning photo so they share it with their friends and family.

Which one do you think you will try this Easter? Let me know in the comments below 👇



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