Do I Need To Promote My Business On Every Social Media Platform

Every time a new social platform is released people all jump on it, eager to be the first to use it and get ahead of their competition.

We are seeing this with Periscope at the moment as people are scoping like crazing, trying to claim their stake on the new platform.

This is fantastic and if you have plenty of time and are not taking away from your business in any way then I would say go for it. If you believe you can generate business from it then it’s absolutely where you should be.

What you don’t want to do is get so caught up in trying to be on every social media platform that you don’t do any of them well.

So which platforms should you be on?

Social Meda

I’m sure you have already claimed your business name on each social media platform – which is absolutely the right thing to do.

Claim the name and fill out your full profile so that if someone looks for you on that platform you can at least direct them back to your website. It doesn’t mean you need to be active on it – it just means you have your business name if you do want to use it.

Once you have done this you need to determine where your customers are hanging out. This will take a bit more time. I personally find that my ideal customers are Facebook and I get the most traffic and business from that source. To determine this though you need to track it – and not just in terms of likes, but in terms of real business leads.

Where do you enjoy being? This is important, because you are going to need to spend time there. It’s your business and you decide where you spend your time. If you don’t like twitter then don’t hang out there – instead find a platform you can be passionate about and hang out there.

There is nothing wrong with scheduling posts to come out on your chosen platform, but it’s important if you do that to spend the time you save interacting. You can’t just schedule your posts and think that’s it. Just recycle the same content over and over again and think people will love that. You need to have conversations.

Conversations are key!!

For me the main thing is that if you are on the platform that you use it correctly. Don’t just half do it – be on there, be good at it and create a fantastic group of followers that want to spend time chatting with you. And remember to have FUN!!!


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