How to Deal With Demanding Customers

Demanding Customers

How to Deal With Demanding Customers

We’ve all had them right?

Super demanding customers who email and text at all hours with additional requests, checking up and micromanaging you and your staff. Always looking for more!

So you can never relax and enjoy your down time. And you work hard enough without dealing with all these extra demands!

Something we learned in the early days of starting our Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Business is that it’s up to YOU the Business Owner to tell your clients how it’s gonna be.

And when I first heard that concept, it kinda flew in the face of my ‘The Customer is Always Right’ ethos.

But the thing is you as the Business Owner are the expert. And when you take the lead, it’s actually reassuring for your clients.

It lets them relax and actually enables them to trust you more. And when they do they STOP micromanaging!

What Do You Need To Do?

It’s not just about laying down the law and saying this is how we do it, like it or not!

It’s about:

  • Explaining to them ‘This it what happens when you book our services’
  • Setting their expectations up front by walking them through exactly what happens step by step.
  • Taking the time to explain WHY you do things the way you do and the benefits to them and their pets.

You can do this in a series of social media posts, a blog post, or even an eBook.

Doing this positions you as the professional expert your clients can trust.

It’ll actually bring you MORE BOOKINGS from BETTER CLIENTS.

And when you DO get questions and demands from a client, you can point them towards the content you’ve already created!

So if you’re struggling with client demands, take it as you’re cue to step up and lead from the front. You’ll wish you did it ages ago!

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