I Have No-One To Delegate Any Tasks To: The Problem With Not Delegating

When I think of how my business has grown and the rate that is has grown at, I have to attribute a
lot of that to hiring help.

It’s not something that comes easy to lots of people – as we can often think no-one can do the job
as well as us (me included!).

The truth is though that they can if you show them. It’s all about having simple processeses and
training someone else to follow them.

You also don’t have to commit to hiring someone full time or even as an employee, there are lots of
virtual assistants that would be happy to help you with some of the tasks you are not good at,
don’t have time to do or just don’t want to do!

The Benefits of Delegating

1. Gives you back your time to grow you business
2. More time to spend with family
3. The job is done better than you could do it (Yes we aren’t all good at everything!)
4. A more efficient streamlined business
5. You create a team of people to help run your business – no longer is it just you keeping the
ship afloat.

How To Delegate In Business

What Could You Delegate TODAY?

Answering Your Phones

This is a big one that I know a lot of people struggle with. You want someone to answer the phone
but are afraid of the cost or even afraid of handing it over.

This was a challenge for me as well, as there is a cost involved and you are training someone new.
All sorts of things go through your head – what if they leave?, What if they are not very good?,
What if you lose customers because they want to speak with you instead?

All of these are just what ifs! The reality is that if we didn’t hire someone to answer our phones
we were not going to be able to grow our business the way we wanted to.

Why not hire someone within the company – maybe start them on a few hours a week as a trial. Give
them them the tools they need to do a good job and support them. Answering the phone is not hard,
it’s just about training.


If you are considering using Facebook or Google Ads then why not hire an expert to help you with
them. Get them set up for maximum success and ROI.

Both platforms can be hugely successful, but it’s worth hiring a pro to keep the costs down.

If you are happy doing the ads yourself maybe hire someone to create the images you are going to
use. There are lots of people that will help you with this.

Social Media

My advice would not be to hire someone to post on social media for you. It’s not necessary. With
tools like www.meetedgar.com you don’t need to do that.

What you might need help with is a strategy to decide what you are going to post on social media
and when. Someone to give you help with ideas and a plan for the year.

You could also outsource the creation of your images for social media. Get someone to create
inspirational posts, infographics, how to’s – all the things that people love on social media.


I strongly recommend you find an accountant to assist with the financial side of your business. I
can’t even imagine trying to do this myself.

A specialist can help you save money and make sure you are running a healthy business.


Get yourself a web guy to help you with your website. You need someone who can set you up with an
amazing website that sells your business for you.

Make sure that they are available to do updates as required and can be your go to source for any
additions you want to make to your site.

Every business needs a website that makes them stand out from other businesses in their area.


I do think you should learn the skills of blogging yourself so that you can really start to
understand your ideal customer and what they react well to.

However, I also think hiring someone to blog for you can be amazing. It gives you back a lot of
time and you can really crank up the amount of content you put out.

Don’t just stick to writing about your business – start to get into other topics that your
customers would love. Think what typical pet owners ask google and have your blogging expert write
answers to those questions.

So tell me, what one thing are you going to delegate today?


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