5 Things To Do On Instagram Every Day To Grow Your Account

5 Things To Do On Instagram Every Day To Grow Your Account

Do you want to grow your Instagram account?

Growing an Instagram account does take effort on a daily basis. It’s not just a case of posting content and then running – you need to spend time chatting with your existing followers and finding new people to chat with.

You also need to create content that people love so that they stick around and keep following you and also share your content with other people.

So with that in mind here are 5 things you can do to start growing your Instagram account.

5 Things To Do On Instagram Every Day To Grow Your Account

#1. Reply To Your Instagram Comments

We all want people to comment on our Instagram feed pictures. So it’s important to add Call To Actions on your posts to encourage that. For example asking people if they agree, what they think, can they relate etc.

When you get comments on your feed posts you should always reply to them and try and develop the conversation. Don’t just like the comments – make sure you reply with a meaningful comment.

Before you know it you will have people who regularly comment on your posts and chat with you.

#2. Reply To Your Instagram Direct Messages

I find you can really get to know people in the direct messages. It’s a more personal conversation and you can often end up chatting back and forth with people.

It’s therefore important you keep an eye on your Direct Messages and reply to them in a timely manner.

People will DM you for all sorts of reasons:

  1. They are replying to a story you posted.
  2. Your call to action was to DM for a link to an article
  3. They are looking to find out about your services
  4. They want you to share something – for example missing pet information
  5. They want to comment on something you posted – but want to comment directly to you in the DM’s

And of course there will always be spam – which you can just block.

#3. Post To Your Feed

There are lots of different opinions on how many times you should post on Instagram a week. Some people say if you want to grow your account you should post several times a day and other say 2-3 times a week.

Posting once a day is what I aim for as I find this is best for my account. But if you can’t manage every day then I would at least post on a regular basis 2-3 times a week.

Quality over quantity is definitely key. There is no point just posting for the sake of it.

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#4. Create Instagram Stories

It’s important to post stories daily to keep your current followers engaged and also to show potential followers that you are active on Instagram.

You don’t need to create 100’s of stories daily. 2-3 per day would be perfectly ok. And they don’t need to be as ‘perfect’ as something you would post to your feed.

With 500 million people using Instagram Stories every day – it’s probably somewhere, as a business, you want to be.

#5. Find New People To Follow/Engage With

There are so many ways to find new people to follow/engage with on Instagram.

  1. Follow hashtags that your ideal customers are using
  2. Look at accounts that your ideal customers might be followers of – for example anything pet or maybe hiking related.
  3. Check out people who have tagged themselves in locations near your business – for example the dog park.

You don’t need to follow everyone. You can just comment on their photos, like their pictures, watch their stories etc.  You may find that is enough for them to follow your account and start engaging with you.


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