What To Do When Your Dailies Are Pausing Walks For The Summer

It can be frustrating when we find that our dailies are pausing walks during the summer. It can happen for a number of reasons – the type of job they do (for example teachers) or kids being home to walk the dog.

Either way it can have an impact on revenue for your business and also staff retention if you don’t have enough work for people.

So, here are some ways to tackle the problem and make sure you keep revenue up and staff happy.

What To Do When Your Dailies Are Pausing Walks For The Summer

Before you take a read of the different options for increasing your client base during the summer I would suggest talking to the clients that are planning to pause walks and see if you can sell them on keeping walks going for their dogs.

  • Promote the health benefits of dogs walks
  • The routine it will maintain for their dog
  • And that their place in midday walks cannot be guaranteed if they take such a long break

#1. Email Existing Clients

If you need more bookings a good place to start is with your existing clients. A quick email or text message reminder to past and present clients that you have availability can often prompt lots of bookings.

Schedule out several reminders that you have open availability for certain types of visits. For example, you have 3 midday Dog Walking spots.

And don’t forget to give them a reason to book. For example walks can keep their dog healthy and fit, give them time to hangout with their kids etc.

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#2. Increase Marketing Activity

If you know that people are going to pause visits during the summer then you should start marketing now in preparation for the available slots. Create some posts that sell your services and explain to people why you are a great choice for their pets.

Whilst you will want to add more Dog Walking clients it’s also important to keep your Pet Sitting marketing consistent so that you highlight your availability to your followers and they think of you first when they plan to travel.

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#3. Respond to Requests On Social Media

If you have local Facebook Groups that are part of your community then it’s good to join them, or have one of your staff members join, and keep a look out for people looking for services.

Be prepared that not all of these will be your ideal customer, and some might be price shoppers, but you will meet some great clients and find the groups which work for you.

Some of these groups have days where you can promote your services – but always check the rules of the group before you post.

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#4. Consider Adding Additional Services

It’s always an option to add additional services that your customers might be interested in. But, before you add anything always do your research and check there is demand for what you plan to offer amongst your existing customers.

A few options to consider are:

  • Online Store
  • Poop Scooping
  • Wedding Service for Dog Owners
  • Hikes For Dogs

Are you losing any midday clients this summer and what do you plan to do to replace them? Join us in the membership where we talk all things marketing!

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