How To Answer Your Customers Questions (And Why You Should!)

Customer Questions

If you are blogging then you should be making it a priority to answer your customers questions. After all these are the customers you want to find you on Google when they are asking their questions.

Makes sense right?

I am guessing though you have struggled at some stage with wondering what your customers questions are. We can always think of the obvious ones like:

  • How much does X cost?
  • Can I get a discount?
  • How does your service work?

But beyond those basic ones we often struggle.

What do your customers really want to know about? Is it just price they are interested in or are there other questions that if answered on your website would make a potential customer more inclined to make an enquiry.

Did you know? 70% of people make a buying decision based on your website. So that’s before they even talk to you.

What Types of Customer Questions Should You Be Answering?

  • #1. Product/Service Based Questions
  • #2. Questions About Their Pets
  • #3. Questions your customers have about your local area

#1. Product/Service Based Questions

I would recommend keeping a notebook (or use a note app on your phone) of every question you get asked. Keep it with you at all times and when someone asks you something write it down.

Even if you think it’s not really worthy of an entire blog post, it should be answered on your website somewhere.

Start looking at the things people ask you when they submit contact forms via your website or when they post about your services on social media. And when you speak to people on the phone (or in person) listen to the things they say to you.

  • What are their concerns about your services?
  • What interests them about what you do and how you do it?
  • What reassures them about you and your services?
  • Why do they decide to choose you as a service provider?

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#2. Questions About Their Pets

Not everyone knows about you and your services and so by writing about general pet topics we can expand our reach to other pet parents.

This type of content is good to build trust with your customers that you are a pet professional that knows about caring for pets.

If you are stuck for ideas here are 3 places you can get content ideas from.

Google Auto Suggest

Google is a really quick and easy place to find blog titles. Just start to type in the first part of your query and it will suggest questions that people have typed into Google.

In this example I typed in why does my dog and it came up with bark, shiver, keep licking me and sit on my foot.

If I select why does my dog bark further down it gives me some more suggestions of topics around dogs barking.

Google Autosuggest

Answer The Public

Answer the public allows you to enter one keyword, for example cat, and it will give you details of different searches that people are doing relating to cats.

You can download them as a csv file and then tick them off as you write each blog post.

Some parts of this are now paid, but you can still access lots of great information for free.

Answer The Public


Quora is a site full of people’s questions. You can ask a question yourself or you can search questions that people have already asked and see the answers that people have given.

This is another great resource of questions that you can answer on your blog.


#3. Questions your customers have about your local area

When you have pets you are always looking for things to do with them, places you can take them, services that you need for them.

So it makes sense your customers will be looking for this information too.

So why not be a resource for all things pet related in your town.

Cafes, dog parks, vets, groomers, trainers etc.

This content is not only useful to your customers it’s also very shareable.

How many of your customers questions have you answered? Which are you going to try first?

And if you want to get my guidance on all things Marketing Your Pet Business then why not join me in the membership.

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