How To Grow Your Customer Base Using Quality Images

I keep saying this, but images are key to a good social media campaign. People are so busy and just don’t have time to read everything that they see on Facebook and Twitter.

That’s why it is really important to catch their attention when they are scrolling through their feeds on the phone. You need to stand out and make sure that people stop, read and engage.

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So whether you want them to read your blog, answer your questions or check out your new product offering, you need to have a good image.

How To Grow Your Customer Base Using

We are so fortunate in the Pet Care Industry because we have the perfect subject for our images. So you are off to a good start!

However a good image is more than just a cute cat picture.

It should be:

  1. A clear picture with a good background – no dirty laundry or untidy workspace in the background
  2. Have limited text overlay – less is more!
  3. Have a purpose in your overall strategy
  4. Be branded with your logo.

You can make pictures quite easily yourself with free online tools like Canva

Check out my instructional video for a brief overview on how to make an image for Facebook.

Don’t want to make your own images?

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