The Best Creative Marketing Ideas To Increase Your Pet Sitting Blog Traffic

We all want to increase traffic to our blog and get in front of our ideal customers – I know I do! But sometimes we feel like all we do is share our blogs on Facebook. We hear people saying they get hundreds of visitors a day to their blog posts – but how? Surely not just from sharing a link on Facebook?

Well Facebook will give you a lot of traffic to your blog if:

  1. You have an active Facebook Page. It doesn’t have to be a big page – but people need to be active on there so that they see your posts. They also need to be interested in what you have to say, otherwise they won’t click on your link.
  2. You spend money on boosting some of your Facebook Posts. You do need to spend money on Facebook and boosting some of your posts will increase the overall engagement on the page and show more of your other posts to your followers. It doesn’t need to be a big spend – a couple of dollars can be a great boost to a blog posts on Facebook.

But what if you want MORE blog traffic? How Can You Achieve That?


Creative Marketing Ideas

#1. Get Newsworthy!

People love newsworthy stories and writing them gives you the chance to promote them in more places than just your own Facebook Page.

For example you might have read about a local rescue story and you decide to report on the story and give your opinion. It would now be acceptable to comment on other posts on other pages about this and mention your blog post in the process. You can also tag other people in the article and get their opinion – which means that their audience will also see it.

Maybe you decide to write a blog post about Christmas Gifts and you pick 5 companies that people could get gifts from. Well now you can tag them when you share the post and it will appear on their page.

Note – What isn’t cool is to share your blog posts on other people’s pages without any real reason. That’s just SPAM!

#2. Use Images

People really respond to visual content, so why not create some cool graphics to promote your blog post. Images do really well on Pinterest if they are sized correctly for the platform. An infographic summarising your blog post content can be very shareable.

Do some research on Pinterest and see what images are getting shared and then create images like that to promote your blog posts. Be consistent with this and also start to create images for past blog posts. Old content can still be promoted – in fact it is extremely important to keep sharing your content.

#3. Guest Blog

It might sound strange that to drive more traffic to your blog you should write for another blog!! But getting your name known is extremely important. You want people to be talking about you and the work that you do. You want to be seen as an expert.

Maybe you can get a gig writing for a newsletter, a charity, a home magazine. It doesn’t really matter – you just want to get known.

If there are no writing opportunities then try getting a speaking opportunity. Why not offer to come into the local school or college and talk about what you do, how you run your business and what owning a business is all about.

Think about how you can build your personal brand. It can be just as important as your business brand.

We all know that people buy people!

Need more traffic to your website? Which idea are you going to try first?


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