Creating Your Own Visual Content Versus Hiring A Professional

When I first started in business if you wanted to get something designed then you needed to hire a professional.

This meant that people often put off creating content for social media as it was a time consuming and costly process.

The other option was to create something yourself, which to be honest never ended up looking that great. After all we are not designers.

Create Content For Wesbite

Now don’t get me wrong I think there are lots of cases where you should hire a professional to help with your content.

For example

Artwork on your website should be done by a professional. Your website is the hub of your business and you don’t want to cut corners when it comes to creating a professional website.

Print ads should be done in conjunction with a professional designer to ensure that you have the correct branding and message.

Business Cards should always be professionally designed to make sure they include all the elements that a good business card should have.

What Can You Create Yourself?

There are things thought you can create yourself with the help of sites like and

Canva will provide you with some amazing templates to help you create

1.       Facebook Posts

2.       Twitter Images

3.       Instagram Pictures

4.       Blog Images

5.       Posters

6.       Infographics…and much more

My 3 top tips when using Canva:

1.       Keep it Simple – less is definitely more

2.       Brand it well – keep your company colours, logos, fonts, look and feel

3.       Good Images – use quality images that stand out. There are so many sources of cheap or even free pictures that there is no need to be using pictures that are poor quality.

Using Picmonkey

What I love about Picmonkey is that it’s a great place to be able to upload your pictures and add some fun themed elements. Maybe you have a picture that you want to add some Christmas elements to. Picmonkey is perfect for that.

The biggest mistake I see people make is that they are not consistent in the style of their images, they try to cram too much into them and they are just not professional looking.

Use some of the Canva templates to begin with and then as you get more comfortable with the site you can branch out and be more creative.


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