5 Commons Concerns About Attending An Online Class

Concerns Online Class

There are so many opportunities to learn online now it’s incredible. People are creating classes, courses and training all the time to help us, as business owners, learn new and exciting skills.

But how do we know which classes to take, which courses to purchase and which training to complete – they all look so good!

Or are they? That’s the problem we sometimes face. Is this class right for me or will I be wasting my money.

5 Commons Concerns About Attending An Online Class

#1. I Don’t Have Time

It’s not uncommon to worry whether you will have time to complete a class you are going to purchase.

You have other things to do, you have a business to run and family to take care of.

But, shouldn’t you make time? Surely if you have goals you want to achieve in your business then you need to make time to improve your skills.

Being a business owner means you need to find time to grow – or your business will stand still.

#2. I Won’t Learn Anything New

It’s probably unlikely with any training that you won’t learn something!

I would always recommend chatting with the person running the class if you are unsure if it is a good match.

Make sure it’s at the right level for you and ask for an outline of the class so you know what you can expect to learn.

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#3. What If I Don’t Get Results?

Results come from taking action! So if you take action on what you learn then it is inevitable that you will have some sort of result.

Understanding the length of time it takes to get results is important. If you are taking my Blogging Bootcamp course then it would be unrealistic to think that after 4 weeks you would be getting 10’s of thousands of new visitors to your website.

But a good result would be that you are creating regular, well-written blog posts consistently with the aim of attracting that traffic.

#4. What Will I Do Once The Class Has Finished?

When you finish any course you should have a clear plan of what you need to do next. Most classes come with some support at the end of sessions so that you can ask questions.

All of my courses come with a free Facebook Group where you can get ongoing support to make sure that you:

1. Stick to your plan
2. Remember the basics of what you were taught
3. Get feedback and encouragement to reach your goals

#5. I Can’t Afford It!

This is the biggest reason most people say they aren’t going to do a class.

In my opinion, it’s rarely true – it’s usually something else.

  • Fear that you won’t understand
  • Fear you won’t do anything with the information you learn
  • Fear that you won’t learn anything

As a business owner, it’s important to invest in your own learning – whether that’s attending events, reading books or taking online classes and courses.

If you want the outcome the course is offering then it’s advisable to look at why you think you can’t afford to do it and what you can do to make sure you are making enough money in your business to invest in ongoing education.

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