How to Deal with People Complaining About Your Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Prices

Want to know how to Deal with People Complaining About Your Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Prices?

The short answer is DON’T!

You can spend so much time and energy explaining and justifying your prices to complainers, but do you really think it’s gonna change their mind?

If it’s comments on social media, nine times out of ten these people have DECIDED you’re too expensive and they want everyone to know about it. Honestly? You’re not gonna change their minds.

And that’s ok.

Because for every person who complains, there are plenty of appreciative potential customers who prioritise their pets’ care and understand that a reliable, properly insured and operated Pet Business has legitimate running costs.

And not everyone who complains about your costs is a troll! For some your services are just outside of their budget. All the justification in the world isn’t going to change their budget!


None of this means that you should do NOTHING about Price Complaints.

So what CAN you do?

Focus on the customers who CAN, WILL and WANT to pay your prices.


Share content about how to find the BEST Pet Professionals for their needs – not the cheapest!

Write about the kind of things to look out for e.g.;

  • Correct Insurance
  • A well organised operation
  • Contingencies in case of absence

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Consider publishing your prices (or a starting price for your services)

Will it put people off? Yes! The WRONG people who can’t afford it or don’t want to spend that money on Pet Sitting.

But better to put them off before spending time on their enquiry only to find out they were never going to pay your prices anyway!

Be up front about who you’re for and who you’re not for.

Your customers will see themselves in your content about how you’re passionate about taking the level of care with their pets that you’d want for your own.

And remember, there’s nothing wrong with charging more than other Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters. You’re simply giving your customers a choice.

Focus on the ones who choose what you offer!

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