How To Use Chat GPT To Create Canva Graphics {Step by Step Guide}


Do you want to know how to use Chat GPT to create some Canva Graphics?

Then open Chat GPT and Canva and follow the instructions below.

You will be able to create fun, engaging graphics that are branded to you business that you can use over and over again on social media.

How To Use Chat GPT To Create Canva Graphics {Step by Step Guide}

Open Chat GPT and prompt them to create a list of quotes/fun sayings that you can use on social media (See example below)

Chat Gpt

Once you have the results copy and paste them into an excel spreadsheet as shown below.

Each quote needs to be on a separate line on your sheet.

Save the excel spreadsheet as a CSV file.

Open up Canva and select the template you want to use for your graphics.

Once you have found a template and edited it to your own branding then locate the Apps option on the bottom left of the screen (see below)

Once you select apps you need to scroll down until you see the ‘More from Canva’ section.

Select Bulk Creation (as shown below)

Once you have selected Bulk Creation you then need to upload your CSV file (as shown below)

Once you have uploaded your file you then need to right click on the text element of your template and select Connect Data.

Once you have connected everything you get the option to unselect any quotes you don’t want to use OR proceed with generating all the quotes into graphics.

Once you click Generate you will be able to view all the graphics you have created and edit anything you want to change on any of them.

All you need to do now is download them to a folder on your PC and start using them on your social media.

Let me know if you create some graphics using Chat GPT and Canva


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