Best Practices For Using Chat GPT to Market Your Pet Sitting Business

Best Practices Chat GPT
Lots of people are using Chat GPT, or similar services, to generate emails, blogs, website pages etc for their business. But sometimes the content they create sounds like it was written by AI – rather than in their own unique style.
So, how you can make sure the content it generates for you sounds like it’s coming straight from you and matches your tone of voice rather than sounding like a robot wrote it!

Best Practices For Using Chat GPT to Market Your Pet Sitting Business

#1. Get Clear with Your Prompts

When communicating with Chat GPT, it’s essential to be crystal clear about what you want. Instead of vague prompts like “Write a paragraph about our dog walking services,” try something more specific like “Write a short blurb highlighting our dog walking service’s benefits and how your dog can benefit from getting daily dog walks”
Clear prompts help Chat GPT understand your needs and deliver content that’s ready to go.

Original Prompt: “Write a paragraph to describe our pet sitting service.”

Improved Prompt: “Imagine you’re talking to a dog lover who’s considering our pet sitting service. Write a paragraph that captures our passion for providing a safe and loving environment for their furry friends. Also include how we train our staff, are certified and have been in business 10 years – and the importance of these.”

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#2. Inject Some Personality 

To make the content generated by Chat GPT reflect your pet sitting and dog walking business’s tone, it needs to be in your unique voice and style. When you make your prompt use words and phrases that resonate with your audience. Remember, your brand’s personality should shine through every word.


Original Prompt: “Write an email to our clients about our new pet sitting options.”

Improved Prompt: “Write an email bursting with excitement to let our clients know about our brand-new services. (insert details of the options) Make it chatty but professional sounding”

#3. Give Chat GPT Some Context

Share information about your target audience, any industry-specific terms, and your brand’s preferred style. By offering context, you’ll get content that speaks the language of your fellow pet lovers.


Original Prompt: “Write a blog post about the benefits of dog walking.”

Improved Prompt: “Compose a blog post, approximately 500 words long, explaining the positive impact of regular walks on a pup’s physical and mental well-being. Keep it informative, light-hearted, but highlight how using a dog walker can help a dog and its owner”

#4. Review and Refine

After receiving the content from Chat GPT, take the time to review and refine it. While the AI-generated text may be impressive, it’s always a good idea to give it a human touch. Edit the content to ensure it aligns perfectly with your brand’s voice, correct any grammar or spelling errors. Remember, you have the final say in how the content represents your business – you don’t need to use the text as it is.

Note – if you don’t like the initial results from your request then you can ask Chat GPT to re write it.

For example,

  • Rewrite in a more chatty style
  • Rewrite adding more information to each point you have made
  • Rewrite giving more specific examples relating to X

Or you can use the “Regenerate Response” Button (see below)

This is an example of where I asked Chat GPT to write me a caption for my annual competition and then asked it to be rewritten with mentioning the pets nose.

#5. Learn Over Time

The more you work with Chat GPT, the better you’ll become at generating content that matches your business’s tone. Take note of the prompts and adjustments that produce the best results, and learn from your previous experiences.

Experiment with different variations, prompt structures, and parameters to refine your approach over time.

How are you using Chat GPT to help you with your marketing? Let me know in the comments.


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