How To Create AI Generated Images Quickly with Canva’s Text to Image app

Create AI Generated Images Quickly with Canva's Text to Image app

Have you ever spent ages looking for the perfect image that you can use in your marketing and just can’t seem to find something that works.

Introducing Canva’s Text To Image App that will help you create awesome marketing graphics quickly and easily.

What is Canva’s Text To Image App?

“Canva Text to Image is a new feature that allows users to create stunning images by converting text into beautiful graphics. This innovative tool uses artificial intelligence to generate images based on the text input, making it easier for users to create visually appealing designs without any design experience.”

So basically you tell Canva what type of image you want and it creates it for you.

Step by Step Instructions To Create a Graphic

Firstly open Canva and choose the size of the graphic you want.

I have selected a square graphic that I would use on Instagram or Facebook for a social media post.

Then scroll down on the left to where it says Apps.

And look for the Text To Image App (see below)

You can then type in the box the image that you want.

Here I am looking for an image of a dog near the toilet to promote Dog Walking (See below)

Once you have added your description click ‘Create Your Image’

If you aren’t happy with the results you can click ‘Create Again’

Otherwise you can click on the image you want to use.

Once you select the image then position it as you want it appear in your graphic

And then use Canva as you normally would to add text and any other elements.

Are you going to try creating some of your own images? Let me know in the comments.


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