How to Cope With Being So Busy Growing Your Pet Sitting Business That You Never Get a Weekend Off With Family!

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It’s tough growing a business. You knew that getting into it and you’re not afraid of hard work!

But missing precious family time every single weekend is really tough.

And your family don’t get it! And sometimes they’ll put you under a lot of pressure ‘guilting’ you into taking a weekend off that you can ill-afford so you feel stressed and can’t even really enjoy it!

Ugh! It really is tough!

5 Ways to Cope With Never Getting a Weekend Off With Family!

#1. Remember Why You Started the Business!

  • To do work you love every day!
  • To be your own boss!
  • To (ultimately) build a life of freedom where you choose the hours you work – this will come in time if you really want it, even if it seems a long way off right now.

#2. Remember the Grass Is NOT Greener on the Other Side!

All those friends and family members you watch enjoying their weekends without a care in the world

They probably get ‘the fear’ on Sunday nights thinking of going back to their 9-5 on Monday!

And they have no way out.

Your business is your ticket out of that and even if you’re still growing your business around a 9-5 or part time job, know that it is worth it and you will get there.

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#3. Schedule Some Weekends Off!

Before you say ‘But I can’t!’ I want you to recognise how important this is and to be open to the idea that there is a way to do it!

You are the most important part of your business. Without you there is no business. And you get to take care of yourself.

Working every weekend forever and always is not sustainable and is a fast track to burnout!

And telling yourself ‘I just have to work every weekend, there’s no way to take time off’ will close your mind to possible solutions and create resentment towards your business.

You are a professional business owner. And you can find a way to schedule weekends off for important family events. Or even just because you need a break.

#3. Come Up With Solutions to Taking the Weekend Off

Create the solutions before you desperately need them because of an emergency, family event or that you’re just totally burnt out.

When you’re setting up your business think of the ways you’ll get weekends covered and put them in place for when you need them.

Then it’s much easier to cope with working weekends – even when it’s most of them in the early days – because you know that you do  have some weekends off scheduled for when you need them.

Let me know in the comments what you do to make sure you have weekends off

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