Why Your Pet Sitting or Dog Walking Business Needs an eBook! And What Sort of eBook to Write


You may have heard me mention the benefits of eBooks in some recent blogs and I thought it was about time to make a post dedicated entirely to the importance of eBooks!

Here’s why I recommend eBooks for your Pet Business and some types of eBooks we’ve used successfully

Why Your Pet Sitting or Dog Walking Business Needs an eBook!

#1. Drive Customers to Your Website

When you write an eBook with a title like ‘Your Guide to Hiring a Pet Sitter / Dog Walker’, you’ll attract people to your website who are actively looking to hire a Pet Sitter or Dog Walker.

And that’s not all…!

Improve Your Ranking on Google Search

Especially if you include the name of your local area in the eBook title. More local pet owners will find and read your eBook and Google will reward you. It’s a virtuous cycle – a marketer’s dream!

#2. Establish Yourself as an Authority

The fact you’ve written a book – even a short eBook – builds your reputation as an authority in your area.

By being informative and helpful, you build trust in your business. Especially when you answer questions your competitors won’t. Like being upfront about your prices. And being honest about what your business doesn’t do and who it’s not a fit for.

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#3. Repel the Wrong Customers and Make the Right Customers Even Better!

This one is a little odd to get your head around, but trust me, repelling the wrong customers saves you so much time and energy and it actually attracts the right customers at the same time!

Having an eBook will weed out price shoppers as people willing to spend time on research are not just looking for the cheapest option.

Those who can’t afford or don’t want to pay your price won’t enquire.

Those who prioritise the same things you do (the things you advise them to look for in your eBook) will decide they want to hire you before they pick up the phone or make the enquiry.

They won’t question your processes or policies because you’ve fully explained what’s important to look for when hiring a Pet Sitter / Dog Walker.

And even if your prices are a little higher than they expected, they’ll recognise the VALUE and won’t quibble on price.

Seriously, after blogging consistently, writing an eBook is one of the key components I credit my Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business success to.

So what are you waiting for?! Write yours now!

27_ways_to get more customers


27 Ways To Get More Customers In Your Pet Business

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