Social Media Versus List Building: 5 Steps to Building Your List Using An Ebook

Recently a lot of people have been asking about how to build their email list, how to create an eBook and what the eBook should be about. Building our list is something that we constantly hear that we need to do, but why and for what purpose.

Why Build An Email List

So much emphasis is put on being on social media, but are we utilising all that great engagement and capturing those ideal customers email addresses. Because without it, we have no way of getting our message in front of those customers and selling to them.

If your Facebook Page got shut down tomorrow how would you contact all those people if you don’t have their email address?

If you had an offer you wanted to tell everyone about are you going to pay to get that in front of them on Facebook? Because it’s likely that unless you do they won’t all see it.

Build A List With An Ebook

What Makes a Good Ebook

If someone is going to give you their email address and the permission to market to them then you need to be offering something good.

The first thing to do is start to think about your customers and not yourself. This is one of those times where you are not promoting your business, you are offering something that is of value to your ideal customer.

Perhaps it is something that teaches them something or maybe it solves a problem they have. Or maybe it is just something that is fun!

You need to have in mind what your ideal customers like and then create the eBook for them.

If you are not sure what they like then look at your most popular blog posts, your most shared Facebook posts or just ask your customers – what would you like to hear more about!

How Are People Going To Get Your Ebook

Once you have created your eBook then you need to use an email service provider like mailchimp or aweber to send it out to people. Don’t send these emails out through your personal email.

You should create a page on your website with a sign up form. Tell people on the page all about the eBook and what they can expect to learn from it and how it will benefit them.


How Will People Find Your Ebook

In case you didn’t realise – you are going to have to promote this eBook. There is no point just putting in on your website and then moaning no-one downloaded it.

You need to promote it on Social Media A LOT!

Get on Facebook every other day and promote it. Create images, take snippets from it and post them on social media.

You need to encourage people to download it.

Tweet it out 1-2 times a day using any relevant hashtags.

Put it on your email signature, add it to your social media bios.

What Happens Once People Download the Ebook

The purpose of the eBook is to build a list of email addresses. Now the real work starts!

What are you going to follow up with them about? What are you going to send to them? How are you going to engage with them?

Don’t think you can build a list and leave it sat there until you are ready in 2 months time to do something with it. You need to keep the list active and engaged.

Will people leave your list? Of course they will! But that’s OK.

Keep building and keep engaging, and you will build a strong list of loyal fans.

What type of eBook are you going to create and how are you going to promote it?


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