Is it worth Blogging for your Pet Sitting or Dog Walking Business in 2023?

Is it worth Blogging for your Pet Sitting or Dog Walking Business in 2023?

It’s 2023 – TikTok and Reels are all the rage! Is it even worth blogging anymore?!

I’ve used pretty much every Social Media channel and feature in my 12 + years of keeping our Pet Sitting and Dog Walking business fully booked and I love it.

And you CAN attract clients and bookings through Social Media alone…

But what happens if you can’t post on Social Media for a few weeks for whatever reason?

Would your bookings slow down?

As well as using Social Media since starting my business, I’ve also blogged every single week – sometimes 3 times a week!

And those blogs drive 1000’s of visitors to my website every single week.

  • Whether I post on Social Media or not.
  • Whether I write a new blog post or not.

And it’s not just any old blog I write.

You need a strategy to attract the RIGHT pet owners to your website and turn them into bookings.

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Here’s my Blogging Strategy to Drive Visitors to Your Website and Get Bookings

#1. Answer Your Customers Questions!

Keep a note of all the questions your customers ask you and write blogs that answer them. Because if your customers are asking them people are googling them too! And when people type the question in Google they’ll find your blog.

You can also research Google searches to get more ideas.

There’s a lot more you can do to increase Google rankings, but just getting started answering customer’s questions on your blog is a great way to start driving traffic.

#2. Make it Easy to Book

Now you have people on your website, make sure it’s easy for them to book.

Have booking links on your Home Page and Main Menu and add booking links where it’s relevant in your blogs.

And write blogs that answer the specific questions people looking to book will search for.

For example:

  • How to find the Best Dog Walker in [Your Local Area]
  • How Much Does Pet Sitting Cost in [Your Local Area]?
  • 5 Things to Consider When Booking a Dog Walker in [Your Local Area]?

#3. Write an eBook

I’ve blogged about the benefits of an eBook before.

By writing an eBook like ‘How to Choose the Best Dog Walker for Your Dog’ you can;

  • Attract people looking to book
  • Build trust in you brand by providing useful information
  • Position yourself as an expert and authority
  • Attract ideal customers
  • Repel enquiries from people who aren’t a good fit /don’t end up buying

So to answer the question ‘Does Anyone Read Blogs in 2023?’

It’s a resounding YES from me and the 1000’s visitors to my website every week.

And they don’t just read the blog, they make bookings!

Did you know you I give you blog titles you can write every week in my Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Marketing Planner? It’s everything you need to Market your Pet Business in 2023. Click here to find out more and buy now!


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