Blogging Yourself Versus Hiring a Blogger


Hiring A Blogger

Blogging can be a very time consuming part of owning a business and is probably one of the reasons that a lot of people put off blogging.

  • They don’t have time
  • They don’t like writing
  • They don’t know what to write about
  • They think blogging is silly and a waste of time

But unfortunately for some, blogging isn’t going anywhere and is going to become even more important for businesses to ensure they stay ahead of their competitors.

So if you don’t think you need a blog for your business, then newsflash you do!

It’s time to hop on the Blogging Train and get writing.

Should You Hire A Blogger To Write Your Blog Posts?

I would absolutely say yes that you should IF there is no way you plan to ever blog yourself. However, you need to think about the person you hire and if they have the skills to really get you the results you should absolutely expect to get from your blog.

  • Are they familiar with keyword research?
  • Do they know how to structure a blog post?
  • Are they interested in learning how to use your blogs to get the most readers you can?
  • Are they willing to learn and can you teach them?

Asking your staff or someone off fiverr to blog for your business is not necessarily going to give you the results that you need to be getting.

Certainly some of your customers and your social media followers will read the blog posts, but how many people will find them in an organic Google search.

If they haven’t done their keyword research you could be missing out on hundreds of extra visitors a month because of it.

A slight tweak to the title after the keyword research is done could make the difference between 5 visitors and 500 visitors.

My advice – if you want to use a Staff Member then train them! Make sure they know how to do this stuff well and give you the greatest chance of getting more visitors to your website.

Don’t just let them write about anything they want, make a plan and come up with the titles based on your own research.

Should You Write Your Own Blog Posts?

Over the last few years I have done both, I had a girl who wrote for me and I now write all my blogs myself.

I can absolutely see an improvement in traffic, engagement and enquiries when I write the blog posts myself.


I am much more careful about keyword research and structure of my blog than another person would be.

I know my ideal customer really well and I have got very good at writing for them.

I run a Facebook Group for pet lovers and I can see what they want to hear about and I utilise their opinions in my articles.

And I know my business really well so I know how to tell a good story about my business or about the pet subject I am writing about.

I also spend a lot of time learning new blogging skills so that I can constantly improve and tweak things to get me better results.

Help I Don’t Have Time!!

I understand you might not have time to do all these things but there are certainly key things that you can do when you write a blog post to make sure that

1.      It doesn’t take all day!

2.      You are writing about the right things

3.      Google will LOVE it

Top Tips for Blogging Success

  • Be Committed and Patient
  • Have a Good Title
  • Use Subheadings
  • Have a Strong CTA
  • Use Strong Images
  • Pay Attention to SEO
  • Share Your Content
  • Analyse It

Let me know in the comments below how you blog in your business.


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