How Long Does Blogging Take to Work For Your Pet Business?

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I’ve been asked this question so many times and my answer is always that it starts working the moment you publish your first blog post.

This might seem to contradict the fact that it takes time to rank in Google, but the moment you publish a blog post is the moment you begin the process of attracting customers to your business.

And that means blogging is starting to work and is bringing traffic to your website that you can start to convert into customers.

Factors That Affect How Long It Takes For Blogging To ‘Work’.

#1. Your Ability to Write Good Blog Posts

I read a lot of blog posts about all different types of topics. Also, people send me their blog posts and ask my opinion on them.

The blog posts that I enjoy the most are the ones that offer great value and are to the point. I hate reading pages and pages of text to find out the answer to my question.

People are quite short on time and a lot of people read blog posts on their phone, so your blog post needs to capture the readers attention in the first paragraph and then get to the point of answering their questions fairly quickly.

Top Tip: Read over your blog posts and cut out all the waffle that’s not needed.

#2. How Consistent You Are With Blogging

Consistency is key when it comes to blogging. Not only does Google like you to add fresh content to your website, but if you have a loyal following then they will be expecting your weekly content.

I always recommend committing to once a week and see how you manage that. It’s easy to increase your blogging, but if you over commit then you can become overwhelmed and end up doing nothing.

Quality is better than quantity. There is no point creating 100’s of blog posts that will never rank in Google just for the sake of saying you create 100’s of blog posts.

It’s also important that if you are blogging, or hiring someone to blog for you, that you monitor the results really closely in your Google Analytics.

Top Tip: Don’t over commit. Instead focus on quality.

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#3. Whether Your Blogs Are SEO Friendly

Until I really nailed the process of writing a blog post and making it SEO friendly my main traffic source was from social media. People were reading and enjoying my blogs but not many of them were ranking extremely well on Google.

Understanding how to research the keywords for your blog, getting the sections laid out correctly and making sure Google can understand who they should be showing your blog posts to is so important.

These aren’t difficult things to do – but they do make all the difference to the success of your blog.

Top Tip: Learn to Blog – don’t waste time doing it the wrong way.

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