Why Only Blogging About Pets Is A Mistake For Your Pet Business

Blogging about pets, answering questions about them and generally just being the go to for all things pet related is fun.

You get to expand your own knowledge about pets and you get to educate other people about them too.

You have a regular stream of content to share (if you are blogging regularly) and if you are lucky some of these blog posts will rank on Google and you will get a lot of website traffic from them.

But there is one big problem with doing this.

People in your area might not be reading these blogs and here is why.

Why Only Blogging About Pets Is A Mistake For Your Pet Business

#1. You Are Only Ranking In Search For That Particular Pet Question

When you write a blog post about “why my dog likes to follow me around” you are answering a search that could be put into Google by any pet owner in the world.

It’s not specific to your area and you are not guaranteed to even rank for it if there are lots of bigger sites already taking the top spots on Google for it. And there are a lot of them!

So, aside from traffic you might get from sharing it on Social Media you may find that you don’t actually get a lot of traffic to that blog post that is likely to bring in any business.

Have you looked at your Google Analytics to see how many views you are getting and where they are coming from?


#2. It’s Unlikely Your Article Will Just Be Seen By People in Your Service Area

If you are not talking about things in your local area then how will people in your local area find you?

The more you can talk about what is happening in your immediate service area the better chance you have of people finding you and wanting to know more about what you do.

Makes sense right?


#3. You Are Spending Time Attracting Traffic To Your Website That Is Not Local To You

All the time, or money, you spend on blogs answering pet questions could be spent creating content that is for your ideal client in your local area.

Does that mean no more blogs about pet topics?

Not at all. They are still valuable to establish your credibility when you are talking to people BUT not until you have really established your presence online in your local area.

Got Questions? Post them in the comments below.


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