The Pet Business Owners Guide To Blogging For Your Pet Business

The Pet Business Owners Guide To Blogging For Your Pet Business

Are you blogging for your Pet Business?

If you know me well then you will know I love blogging. In fact I have written so many blogs about how much I love blogging and how you can use it to promote your Pet Business.

So in this article I wanted to combine all that advice into one place and make it your go to guide to blogging for your Pet Business.

Make sure you not only read the blog post but also click into the links and check out all the detailed information and advice.

The Pet Business Owners Guide To Blogging For Your Pet Business

Why Is Blogging Important?

Blogging has been the biggest success factor in our business. It’s given us a regular stream of traffic to our website, it’s positioned us an expert in our field and it’s opened up so many different opportunities to us.

We have been able to grow our audience to 50k visitors to our blog a month, which has meant we have been able to monetize our blog. We are asked to appear on radio shows, comment on pet features and regularly be quoted in the press. And it’s opened up sponsorship deals for our business. All of which would never have happened if we had not been blogging.

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What Types Of Blogs Should You Be Writing?

When I first started blogging I had no plan at all. I would just think of a blog topic, write the blog, add any picture I could find and post it.

And while this did bring us some results it definitely wasn’t as successful as when we actually had a strategy. One where we looked at all the different types of audiences we need to attract.

The 3 audiences we focused on were:

  1. People who had no clue a service like ours even existed
  2. People who wanted their pet care problem solved but were not sure what they wanted
  3. People who knew they needed what we had but needed help deciding

Once we targeted all those different audiences the results were incredible. We were getting not only more traffic but it was converting into new customers.

And from there we started tracking what was working and doing more of that.

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PBO Membership

How To Make Sure Your Blogs Rank In Google

I was definitely guilty of ignoring SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in the early days of blogging. Instead of trying to rank in Google I used my social media channels to promote my blog.

However, I soon realised was that if I could get my blogs to rank on Google then I wasn’t relying on social media to promote my business. Instead I could get a constant supply of leads rather than just relying on getting them when I shared on social media.

To make your blog Google friendly doesn’t take as much work as people think. Basically you are making sure the blog you are writing is the best written about that topic and it’s very clear to Google what the blog is about so they can rank it.

And you can do that by following the steps in this blog post

Why Are Local Content Blogs So Important?

Most people operate their business in their local area. And that area can be quite small. So it makes sense that you want your blog posts to be found by people in that small area.

If you write a blog post about, for example, 4th July Safety Tips for Pet Owners, then this is fantastic for your social media followers, your newsletter and your existing customers.

But the chance of you ranking in your local area for that blog post is quite small.

However, if you focus on writing about things in your local area the chances are local pet owners will find you as those are the local things they are searching for.

For example, Top 5 Places to Hike with Your Dog in X Town

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How Long Should Your Blog Be?

There is so much advice on the internet about how long the perfect blog should be – but there is no one definitive number of words that can be agreed on.

On one hand I feel a blog post should be as long as it needs to be. So if you can deliver the information is a few hundred words, then that’s great and if it takes a few thousands that’s also great.

However, I would take the following into consideration.

  • Anything less than 400-500 words is probably not enough to rank in Google in my opinion – as you really aren’t getting into enough detail about the subject.
  • You should look at what is already ranking for that topic and write something as, or if not more, detailed.
  • The more sub topics you can include in a blog the greater chance you have of ranking under different searches.

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Where Can You Get Images For Your Blogs From?

If you can take amazing photos yourself then I would definitely use your own pictures on your blogs. It’s so much more authentic to have original photos.

However, if you are not a great photographer then there are lots of free websites to get photos that can look very good on your blog.

For the main pages of your website I would definitely recommend getting a professional photo shoot done and asking customers to submit photos of their pet for you to use.

Here are some free sites you might want to check out:

Pet Business Membership

How Can I Help You With Your Blogging?

There is so much information that you can follow in this post to help you create an amazing blog for your Pet Business OR dramatically transform the one you have already – so that you are generating business from it.

But, if you don’t feel like doing this alone and you want my help then I’m here to give you all the help you need.

There are 2 ways you can work with me:

  1. Join my Pet Business Owners Membership
  2. Work 1 to 1 with me and let me teach you how to blog properly for your business.

Hear What Others Have To Say

“Kate McQuillan is amazing! I was looking for a mentor to work with one-on-one and take my business to the next level. Kate had a clear strategy and gave me a lot of tips and information but more importantly, the belief and support that I could do it! My business is SO much better because of her help. I highly recommend her!” ~ Beverly

“Highly recommend Kate for coaching! Currently, I am taking her 90 Day Blogging Course. She is a wealth of information. No need to research what works or doesn’t. No need to teach yourself. She lays it out for ya very easily. I am a loyalist and have purchased everything of hers. Notes, articles, resources, images, …the only thing holding you back after working with her is yourself.”~ Heather



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