10 Ways Blogging Has Benefited My Business

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Every Monday I sit down to look at my content plan and see what I am working on that week. I like to have an idea of what I am educating people on, what I am creating and what my focus is for the business.

Blogging is such a huge part of my business that I do often reflect on the benefits and wonder where I would be if I had never started my blog – because there was a time I thought I would never start a blog as I had nothing to say!!

10 Ways Blogging Has Benefited My Business

#1. Customers

No doubt that bringing in customers is the number 1 benefit from blogging. As a business owner this is the most important thing I need to be focusing on all the time. If your business doesn’t have a good stream of leads it is not growing and at worst, it could be going backwards.

#2. Traffic to our website

Blogging (with SEO in mind!) can bring a considerable amount of traffic to your website. It’s vital that you focus on SEO to generate this organic traffic so that you can turn this traffic into leads via your website.

We are currently generating around 30k visitors to our website each month – which means plenty of potential customers for us to talk to.

#3. A converting website

You might think…well my website works fine. But a website with lots of information that a customer can find, read through and understand is important to help build trust between you and your potential customers.

Gone are the days when a few pages on a website is enough. People want information to help them make a decision, and that’s exactly what we have done.

#4. Credibilty

There is no doubt that working with brands has come as a result of my blogging. Reviewing pet related products has opened up lots of opportunities for competition sponsorships and collaborations.

This makes achieving my goals or the business much easier.

I know if I want to run a competition or host an event I can get the help I need from other brands to achieve this.

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#5. Speaker at Events

I have been asked to speak several times at high profile marketing events about my blogging and the success I have had.

While this doesn’t directly bring in Pet Care customers as my speaking has all been in the UK, what it does is increase our credibility when selling Franchises.

People want to work with successful people and when they are buying into your business they want to be sure that you are going to be able to help them market your business.

I’ve also made some great contacts and new friends who have take many of my blogging and Facebook online courses and joined my membership group.

#6. Featured in a book

My feature in Mark Shaefers book came as a direct result of speaking at the same event as him.

This is a huge honour as Mark us a guru when it comes to content and social media.

I never dreamt I would be in a book!!!

#7. Being seen as an expert

If someone asks us a question about their pets or our services we usually have an article we can send them to help them.

This not only saves time but also looks very professional.

Consistently helping people, even if they never use our services, is key to our growth.

To become known as a brand I believe you need to constantly be giving and blogging helps you do this in the most time efficient way possible.

#8. An Engaged Social Media Following

Without content to share it’s hard to build a social media following. Having blogs to help our followers understand what we do and help them with their pet care questions we have been able to grow a very engaged audience.

This has then allowed us to develop this content into Podcasts and FB Lives to keep things fresh and interesting.

A lot of our blogs can now we repurposed into different formats.

#9. Free Press

We have had a lot of free press over the years for many of our events, but most noticeable our annual competition.

There is no doubt that PR people check your website, social channels and brand before they share your story.

Having a solid updated blog, with clear and concise information has meant PR people are keen to work with us and promote our business for free.

#10. Teaching and Helping Others

If I hadn’t put so much effort it my blogging I would never be in the position to teach others how to grow their business through blogging.

It’s really an honour to be asked to help other Pet Business owners learn the same skills and reap the same rewards.

Join me in my Pet Business Owners Membership and let me show you how easy this is….with the right foundation.

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