Not Seeing Results From Your Blogging Efforts?

There are lots of reasons why you might not see results from your blog, many of which might be to do with the blog itself and the content and structure. I talked last week about how to get more traffic to your site from the style of the blog you wrote.

Today though I want to cover what you need to do with your blog once you have written it to ensure you drive traffic to your website.

5 Things to Do With Your Blog Once You Have Written It.

#1. Share it on Facebook5 Things to Do With Your Blog Once You

This should be the first thing you do to make sure that your Facebook followers get to see the post. Make a good image with text overlay and get that blog post out for everyone to see. Make sure you have an engaging status update to go along with it that will entice your followers to read it.

Post it at different times of the day for best engagement. You can check the best time to do this in your Facebook insights.

#2. Pin it to Your Pinterest Boards

Pinterest is great for attracting new customers and you can create amazing boards to show the different services you offer and interests you have. I talked before about using Pinterest for your pet business so it’s definitely something you should consider. While Pinterest is definitely a place to share other people’s content you should also be sharing your own content. Pin Little and Often! That’s the key.

Pinterest and Blogging

#3. Email It Out To Your Customers

Don’t underestimate the power of email. Social media is great, but there is definitely a reason to build your own email list and send your blogs out to those loyal fans. You can automate a weekly email using an RSS feed, so it doesn’t have to be a time consuming newsletter you produce each week.

#4. Tweet It Out To Your Followers

Twitter is great because it moves so quickly that you can get away with tweeting your blog most out several times a week. Make each tweet different and mix other things in between. Try to pull out snippets from the article to tweet, along with a bitly link to the blog post.

#5. Promote It On Instagram

Instagram and Blogging

You can only put one live link on Instagram that is clickable, and this lives in your bio. However you can change this as often as you like. So don’t be afraid to create an image with the title of your blog post and say link to blog post in my bio. Instagram is being really popular and it will be interesting to see over time how much traffic you can drive from there.

So what do you do to promote your blog?

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