Why Your Customers Are Self Educating – and what to do with your Blog!

This is an excellent video from Jay Baer and is yet another reason why you need to be blogging.

It’s clear to me from this that our blogs will become our home pages. People won’t be going onto our main website home page and making a decision about whether to call us or fill in a contact form, they will be going directly to our blogs in search of information.

Relationships are created with information first and people second – Jay Baer

I totally agree that if you think you have enough information on your website you probably don’t. And if you don’t blog then you definitely don’t have enough information.

People need to have enough information to read all about your services before they even think of completing a contact form or calling you.

They want the answers to their questions at their finger tips. And sadly for those who are not providing this information they are going to lose out.

Check out the video below and let me know what you think.


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