What If My Competition Copies Me?

In order to be successful with your blogging you need to be very transparent about your business. You need to let your customers know everything about you, your business and how you do things.

For example, maybe you have a really amazing way of storing customer information that you know would give your customers great peace of mind.

You know that you need to write about this process and highlight to your potential customers how this makes you stand out from competitors on you area.

BUT WAIT! ….What if Your Competition Copies Your Idea!!

Fear of the competition can really hold you back in your business. It can stop you from putting yourself out there and letting your customers know what an awesome service you offer.

For our Pet Sitting and Dog Walking business I have written about everything we do in our business and how we do it. I have been very transparent.

Does this scare me? No not really. As most people will not be able to do what we do….because they are not us.

Yes they could copy the way we do things, or steal the names of some of our services – but SO WHAT!

I think at some stage you have to:

#1. Just let things be what they will be.

Accept the fact that you cannot control everything and everybody around you. Sometimes you need to let go and see where things take you. Of course you should have a plan for your business- but it’s ok for your plan to change or not go the way you expect.



#2. Focus on your own business

I know in the early days of our business I was constantly looking to see what new companies were doing, what they were posting and if they were doing similar things to us. Now I just don’t care…and it feels much better. Of course I don’t want another business to hurt our success or reputation, but I don’t look to see how other people are running their business because we have our own unique way of doing things and that is what make us the best!

#3. Stop letting your competition distract and hold you back.

One of the big distractions that we can face as a business owner is how much competitors are charging. That is a distraction of epic proportion! It stops us from writing about it, talking about it or wanting to put it out there for people to see. Don’t think for a second that everyone is looking for the cheapest service possible – they are not! So answer the questions about price – it’s not a secret what you charge.

My advice to you would be to get on board with blogging and get your content out there. Start answering all those questions that your customers want to know the answers to and don’t be afraid of what your competitors read about your business.

Imagine this…you decide not to write about something in case someone copies you.

BUT! They get the information about your great service anyway – and then THEY write about it as if it was their idea!

How would that make you feel?

Just get your blinkers on, create that content and get it out there.

Let me know in the comments below how you handle the competition and if it holds you back from creating content.


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