Black Friday Deals 2022: Take My Test & See Which Deal Is Right For You!

Black Friday

Black Friday Sales can be so overwhelming. And because I don’t want to add to your already busy day then why not take my test to see how I can help you with my Black Friday Offers.

(If you don’t need to take the test then just scroll down for the offers)

Which of the following best describes you?

Biz Owner A) You are comfortable with social media but just aren’t always sure what to post and don’t always get the results you want. Maybe you are considering adding some blogs but don’t know where to start (or if you even want to) and you know you should do a bit of networking but yikes that sounds scary!

Biz Owner B) You need help with most aspects of marketing, you don’t want to learn on your own and you love chatting with other Pet Business Owners and getting some feedback on what you are doing. You also know that you need some accountability to keep on track with your business goals and a push to keep marketing and growing your business.

Biz Owner C) You want a marketing system you can work through at your own pace to grow your business and don’t need weekly group calls or a full marketing plan written for you. But you do want to put system in place for getting new customers and keeping them.

If you are more like Biz Owner …..

A) Offer 1 is for you

B) Offer 2 is for you

C) Offer 3 is for you

Black Friday Deals You Don’t Want To Miss

💥OFFER 1 – $50 OFF The 2023 Pet Business Owners Marketing Planner ($299 $249)💥

With the Pet Business Owners Marketing Planner you are getting a planner that people actually use and LOVE – year after year!

Just like Liana who has been using the Planner for the last 4 years!

“The Marketing Planner has been a huge boost to my business and a load off my mind. It helps me plan all of my social media without putting in endless time and gives me a ton of ideas!”

What’s included?

  • Social Media Posts
  • Promotional Posts
  • Contest Ideas
  • Blog Post Ideas
  • Networking Ideas
  • And most importantly access to my help!

Check out the planner and watch the videos HERE

And don’t forget to enter the code BLACKFRIDAY to grab the last chance to get a discount on the planner of $50

💥OFFER 2 – $100 OFF My Membership Group ($399 $299)💥

Think About How Amazing It Would Be If You Could…

Join the Membership and you’ll get;

Weekly Coffee With Kate – a group call to get my personal help specific to your business – bring your questions and together we’ll create the best solutions to have you flying in no time!. It’s such a supportive group – so valuable when growing your business feels lonely!

Monthly Marketing Trainings on social media and marketing – the latest trends don’t need to be daunting with my simple trainings on what’s working in Pet Businesses right now. AND get access to my vault of past trainings so whatever you need right now, there’s bound to be something to help you!

Done For You Monthly Marketing Pack – including:

  • 4 Promotional Captions to promote your services so people are clear on what you do and how to get in touch with you to book services
  • 4 Conversation Starters to generate engagement on social media and increase your brand awareness
  • 4 Instagram Reel Kits including the audio to use, examples of it being used and the caption to include when you post your reel.
  • 25 Canva Graphic Templates to promote your business, drive engagement and stand out from your competition.

Check out the membership HERE

And don’t forget to enter the code BLACKFRIDAY to grab a discount of $100


  • Discover how to FIND the perfect Pet Owners in your area and SELL your offers without feeling like a used car salesman!
  • Maximise every enquiry to increase your sales using our call scripts, email and tracking templates – NEVER miss out on another sale!
  • Become the go-to Pet Business in your local area with the simple marketing and PR tips that get our Franchisees up and running fast every time

Check out Get Fully Booked HERE

And don’t forget to enter the code BLACKFRIDAY to grab a discount of 50%



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