Creating The Best Titles For Your Blogs and Events

I get asked a lot about titles. People always seem to want to know what is a good title for a blog or what should I call my event. It just seems something that people can struggle with from time to time.

I do understand as it can be hard to come up with something that you think will attract people to read the blog, but also be found in Google search.

To help with that I have a couple of tips that you will find really useful.

Choose A Blog Title

Choosing a Blog Title

If you are choosing a blog title for your article, where you are answering a question, then you should title it exactly as a person would type the question into Google.

For example you are writing about why dogs eat grass. There is no point having the title “What you didn’t know about grass eating in dogs: the mystery uncovered” because NO-ONE will ever type that into Google.

But if you title your blog to answer the question “Why Do Dogs Eat Grass” it’s A LOT more likely someone types that into Google.

Makes sense right?

Google doesn’t have a sense of humour, it’s doesn’t get witty or clever, it just wants to know what you are writing about and then be able to show it to the person asking that question.

I talked in a previous article about incorporating the Big 5 Titles into your blog posts when you are writing about your services. It’s important to cover these as well, to make sure that you are answering every possible combination of question about your services.

Creating Evergreen Content

Its easy to think that you need to have a fun title to attract people to click on your article on Social Media. Something that people are so intrigued by that they can’t resist but click on.

However unless you are unveiling the latest secret about the Kardashians, then it’s unlikely that this strategy will work well long term for you. :-)

It’s better that your content is found in Google search on a regular basis, which ultimately will bring traffic back to your site month on month. This is what we call Evergreen Content.

Evergreen content is SEO content that is continually relevant and stays “fresh” for readers.

Choosing an Event Title

I think you can have more fun with an event title as it is more short term content. You are promoting for a specific date and then the event is over, so you want people to have that ‘Fear Of Missing Out’.

It should be a title that they read and go ‘wow that’s for me – I need to see, listen or attend that’.

BUT, it still needs to tell people what to expect.

There is no point having a title like “The secret you always wanted to know” as it tells me nothing about what to expect and it’s unlikely anyone would be interested.

However, something like “My Biggest Secret To Getting Rid Of Dog Hair That You Don’t Want To Miss” I am definitely going to check that out.

Think about:

  • What problem you want to solve for people
  • What is their pain point – what is going to trigger with them to get them to take action.
  • How you can make it fun and catchy – but so that it still represents you and your brand.

Once you think about those things you can start to brain storm ideas for your event.

(Note- if you are planning an annual event I would think hard about the title to get it right as you will be using it year after year)

What Do You Struggle Most With When Coming Up With Titles

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