How To Promote Dog Walking When The Kids Are Going Back To School

When the kids are not in school we often find people pause their dog walks and decide to walk their dog themselves (or get their kids to!).

So when the kids are ready to go back to school we need to jump into action and start marketing our dog walking services to fill up those daily dog walking spots.

In this blog post I give you some ideas, and some actual captions you can use, to market your dog walking services and show parents they really need a dog walker now the kids are back in school!

How To Promote Dog Walking When The Kids Are Going Back To School

#1. Kids Back to School? Dogs back to Dog Walks!

Talk about the benefits of routine for the kids and family and how that routine is beneficial for dogs too!

Create a caption that REALLY talks to parents and the problems they face daily.

For example: 

Time for ‘Back to School’ for Your Dogs Too?!

Well, maybe not back to school, but back to regular walks with their Dog Walker!
It’s not just you and your kids that benefit from the routine of school days! Your pups do too.

And as beneficial as the family routine is, as a parent, it’s not easy keeping all the plates spinning!

Because we know it’s not just school that goes back, right?! It’s all the school clubs and activities too and it’s you, the parents that are running around getting everyone where they need to be with all the endless stuff washed, ironed, organized and packed!

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#2. Take the Pressure Off

When the kids go back to school there are lots of other things that start up and this is your opportunity to promote how you can take the pressure off parents.

Here is another caption that really speaks to parents about how you can help.


Back to School is a LOT for busy parents with school, activities inside and outside of school and all the drop-offs, pick ups and organizing kit! 

At least we can make Dog Walking easy – just book in and your Dog Walker picks your dog up giving you a moment’s peace.

We can’t take away all the ‘Back to School’ stress but we can take the dog off your hands for a while.

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#3. Benefits to Dogs

Talk about the benefits of booking Dog Walks – the things that really speak to dog parents, that makes them go…oh yes I want that for my dog.

For example:

  • Your dog can get back to regular exercise and working off the extra treats they’ve had during the summer
  • Socialising with other dogs keeps them well adjusted and works of energy so they’re calm at home
  • Just like the kids are excited to see their school friends, dogs will be excited to re-join their doggy friends and it’s so healthy for them!
  • Organised walks, whether group or individual, with a pet professional get dogs back into good habits and discipline that can slip with all the family time in summer break

#4. Send Reminders

Send simple reminders on social media or via email. Email reminders shouldn’t just be for major holidays you should also promote your daily dog walks.

For example:

  • ‘Have you booked your Dog Walks in now it’s Back to School time?
  • ‘Stationery – check!, School clothes – check! What about Dog Walks? Don’t forget to book now!’

#5. Create FOMO (Fear of missing out!) 

Creating a sense of urgency to book can be a great way to get people to take action rather than putting it off and leaving it until the last minute. So don’t be afraid to create a sense of FOMO!

For example:

  • Talk about limited availability and getting booked up
  • Remind your regulars and audience to book early to get the times they want!

I hope you find these ideas useful, it’s a huge opportunity to drive new bookings from your regulars and new followers!

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