A Review Of The Content Marketing Academy: The Benefits Of Meeting Marcus Sheridan

Why attend the Content Marketing Academy and meet Marcus Sheridan?

The short answer: Marcus is awesome! Really that is all there is to it for me! And when I knew he was coming to Scotland it was a no brainer that I had to be there.

Rewind to 2014

It’s actually a really interesting story how I ended up at the Content Marketing Academy in 2014. I had been pestering (for want of a better word!) Marcus with questions via email about my business and how I could implement what he teaches into my business.

Marcus, being the nice guy he is, featured me on his Mad Marketing Podcast to answer some of my questions. From that point on I was Marcus Sheridanimplementing his ideas and keeping him updated on my progress. So for a second time he talked about the success I was having on his Podcast.

It was at this stage Chris Marr from the Content Marketing Academy contacted me and asked me to come and speak at the 2014 Content Marketing Academy. He wanted people to hear about what I had done with my business and how they could implement the same principles into their business.

It was a fantastic day and I met some amazing people in the process.

Fast forward to 2015

I was now getting the chance to meet Marcus Sheridan and all the amazing guys I had met the year before.

To say I was star struck was an understatement really – I just think Marcus is not only a really brilliant guy, he is just so down to earth and nice.

I was super excited when he remembered me from all my emails and was really pleased to speak with me as I updated him on my business and what was happening with it.

So what was the Content Marketing Academy really like?

Generally speaking I am not actually a big fan of conferences. Very often I think the information you get can be a bit generic, it’s not really very actionable and there is nothing that really makes any great impact on you. (Perhaps I have just never been to a good one!)

BUT this was VERY different – it was actually a very emotional experience as you saw people around the room just ‘getting’ content marketing. 

I’ve been doing this for a few years now, and while no expert, I have seen massive growth in my business and how people perceive our services. It takes you from being just another person who walks dogs, to someone people see as an expert.

It allows regular people to be extraordinary. 

People who didn’t really get blogging were seeing how it could impact their business, their clients and their lives. It was truly amazing and I was so happy to be a part of it all.

Why go if you are already blogging?

I don’t think you ever really stop learning. I was so impacted by what Marcus presented. Yes, it was things and examples I have heard before, but there was something magical and inspirational about being in a room with him telling you them personally.

Because yes, you did feel like he was talking to you.

Being reminded of all the things he teaches makes me want to do them better, to work harder at them and to help other people with them.

My Main Action Point

In everything I do I need to make it about my ideal customer and not about me.

It’s simple – but it’s easy to forget. When you write a blog it can be easy to slip into what you want – not what your customers want.

The same for any content you create – make it about your customers and helping them to trust you.

Bonus Birthday Hug

While I was at the conference it was my birthday…and what girl wouldn’t LOVE being sang Happy Birthday to by Marcus. (Although I was Scarlet and on the verge of crying  – but in a good way!)

So thank you Marcus for that 🙂

What’s Stopping You From Attending the 2016 Content  Marketing Conference?

Are you a regular person that wants to be extraordinary….I know I am!


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4 thoughts on “A Review Of The Content Marketing Academy: The Benefits Of Meeting Marcus Sheridan

  1. I remember Marcus talking about you on his podcast. I didn’t know you spoke at last years conference. Really sorry to have missed that one.

  2. Hey Kate. It was so goooood to see you last week! I was sad to part ways again…I really wanted to spend more time with you!

    The story of how all of this has come together has been amazing and I can’t wait to reflect on this a few years from now to see where it takes us.

    A pleasure as always!


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