5 Ways A Pet Sitter Can Use Halloween To Get More Customers

Halloween is a really fun time to promote your business and so I wanted to give you some ideas on things you can do to get more customers this time of year.

And…One of the good things is that once you create this content you have it for next year! 

5 Ways To Get More Customers At Halloween

#1. Write A Blog Post.

There are lots of things to write about at Halloween. The obvious blog posts are safety tips – but lets get creative and create some really shareable content that your customers will love.

Think outside the box with things like:

  • Halloween Treat Recipes
  • Places To Visit At Halloween in your town
  • Fun Games To Play At Halloween
  • Pumpkin Carving Tips

We don’t need to always be talking about Pet Sitting, our customers do have other interests.

#2. Create Promotional Images for Your Services

It’s important to have fun with your content and entertain and educate people, but we are in business and so it’s important to promote your services. Why not create a series of images asking people if they need extra dog walks or pet sits during Halloween.

Make them fun, bright and engaging for maximum impact.

Dog Walking Halloween

#3. Ask Halloween Themed Questions

People love to give their opinion – so give them the chance by asking lots of questions.

Be creative and come up with thing that will get people chatting.

For example:

  • Do you dress your pets up for Halloween?
  • Are you planning to carve a pumpkin this year? Or do you think its a waste of time!

Halloween Pet Sitter

#4. Get out and about to Halloween Events

Get out and meet people, take your dog with you and have some fun. You don’t need to be in full on selling mode – but if someone asks what you do then be sure to tell them!

Network with other pet businesses and find out how you can connect with them and start a referral programme.

There are so many opportunities in every day life to talk about what you do. In fact why not wear a shirt that says – need a Dog Walker? Call XXXX

#5. Join the Chat on Social Media

There are bound to be loads of events on over Halloween and lots of them will have hashtags associated with them on Twitter.

Get involved, chat to people, ask them about their pets.

Make sure you are top of mind when they think of pet care.

What are you going to do to get more customers this Halloween?


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