5 Things To Do After You Publish A Blog Post

If you are blogging for your business (which I am hoping that you are!) then please don’t think the work stops after you publish the blog post.

In fact in some respects the work actually only begins once the blog post is published. Once the blog is live on your website, now is the time you need to let people know that it is there and get visitors to it.

5 Things To Do After You Publish A Blog Post

#1 Create Images

Depending on where you are going to share the blog post it is important to make sure that you have images sized correctly for the platform you are posting them on. For example image sizes for Facebook and Pinterest are completely different and to get the best results you should adhere to this.

Make sure the images are bright, fun and engaging. That your branding is consistent and that it tells readers what the blog is about.

For example if you are blogging about cats then don’t use an image of a dog.

Publish A Blog Post

#2 Share on Social Media

Share share share share share!! You need to make sure people see the post. Make sure you have a great status updates to entice your followers to read it.

Don’t be afraid to over share – when you think of how quickly Social Media moves then not everyone will see what you post the first time.

#3 Email out to your Newsletter

Everyone in business should be building a list. What would happen if you lost your social media accounts – how would you get in touch with people? That is why you need to have them on your email list.

As you build your list you can send out your blog posts to your followers. You will be getting right into their inbox and have a greater chance of them seeing your content than you do with organic reach on Social.

Don’t overlook building a list!

#4 Schedule your blog post to come out on Social Media over the coming days

Do you use scheduling software? If you do (and you should be!) then you need to load up your status updates into that software. As I mentioned you need to get your content out there lots of times and make sure that people see it.

Don’t rely on remembering to send it out on a regular basis. Load it into something like Edgar and forget about it!

#5 Tag people who might be interested in the Blog Post

Have you interviewed someone? Maybe you wrote a review on something? Then why not tag them in your social media posts.

Let them know you have written about it and the chances are they will share with their network. This is another audience that will now see your blog post.


So tell me – what do you do once you publish your blog post to get it in front of your ideal customers?


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