4 Simple Steps To Increase Your Facebook Engagement

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If you are a business owner with a Facebook Page, then you will want more engagement on your page. We all do – right? So how do you Increase Your Facebook Engagement?

Well it comes down to your strategy and what you post on Facebook and when. So here are my 4 Simple Steps to help you start increasing your engagement in Facebook.

There are lots more tips – but lets start with these first!

4 Simple Steps To Increase Your Facebook Engagement

Step 1 – Ask Questions.

Sounds simple right? But you want to make sure that your questions provoke a response from your followers. So make sure you ask questions about things that your ideal customers are passionate about.

Examples include

  • Does Your Dog Sleep In The Bed?
  • What’s Your Cats Favourite Thing To Do?
  • What’s Your Pets Name?

You can ask these as a status update or create some fun engagement graphics.

Step 2 – Share Your Own Content.

You need to be creating your own content so that you can move your Facebook Followers over to your website and get them onto your mailing list.

Blog Posts are a great way to really explain to people what your business is all about and how you can help them. Answer those customer questions and really connect with them on another level.

Step 3 – Create Inspiring and Motivational Images.

Images are HUGE on Facebook and if you are not using them to promote engagement on Facebook then you are missing out.

Remember your overall interaction on your page will affect everything you post. So if people engage like crazy with an inspirational image you post, then Facebook will see that your fans love your content and show them more of your posts (including your blog posts which will drive traffic back to your website)

Step 4 – Share Newsworthy Stories.

People want to read stories that are relevant to your industry – so why not be the go to source for all things pet related. Sharing viral news stories can dramatically increase your facebook engagement and once again will tell Facebook that your fans like your posts – and then show them more of them!

It really is this simple!

Share content that your fans will love and Facebook will reward you!

Don’t think you have to share everything that you created – it’s good to share other content and be the go to source for pet news.


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