30 Blog Titles That Convert

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Are you sick of writing blog posts and not getting any new traffic to your website?

Would you love to know the exact blog post titles you should write for your Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business?

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Remember More Website Traffic = More Customers = More Money!

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My Name is Kate McQuillan and I am the owner of Pawsome Media and Pet Sitters Ireland.

I started my Pet Sitting business in 2010 and quickly realised that in order to get people to my website blogging was an absolute must. I needed to be everywhere on Google when people were asking Google anything about our services.

It took commitment on my part to learn what I could about blogging the ‘right’ way and to stick to a schedule. My love of Social Media helped me promote my blogs and get the word out about what I was doing, and the results of this effort pretty much speak for themselves.

Some Facts About My Achievements From Blogging:Untitled design (5)

  • On average I get 10,000 unique visitors to my Pet Sitting website every month.

  • I get asked to review products by companies like Dyson

  • I am a contributor to the Huffington Post

  • I get asked to speak about blogging at marketing events to share my story

  • I have been able to Franchise my Pet Sitting Business due to the size and success of the business. Nominated for Best New Franchise of The Year 2016 and Female Franchise Entrepreneur Of The Year 2016 (results pending).


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I don’t want you to waste the next year writing crappy titles that Google doesn’t understand – I want you to have awesome blog posts that Google LOVES!

So lets get started and write the titles that people are searching for daily – the real burning questions that your customers have.

It’s not that hard – just start at title number 1 and work your way down to title number 30!

30 days and you could have them all done! I promise!!


Last Chance To Sign up NOW to receive the 30 Blog Titles That Could Really Change Your Business!

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