Planning For 2024 Business Success In My Pet Biz: My Top 3 Priorities

Every successful plan begins with a vision and now is a great time to consider your vision for where you want to take your business in 2024 if you haven’t already started thinking about it.

Here are 3 non negotiables that I look at to make sure I have success in the upcoming year.

Planning For 2024 Business Success In My Pet Biz: My Top 3 Priorities

#1. Review & Budgeting

Start by reviewing 2023 – highlights, low points, lessons learned and successes to repeat

Set goals – these can be monthly, quarterly or for the whole year and can include sales, revenue, profit, audience and website traffic targets

How will you achieve them?

  • Get more clients
  • Get more business from existing clients?
  • Add services?
  • A combination of the above

Then create a budget to keep sales, profit and expenses on track (See my blog post How to Create a Budget for your Pet Sitting Business)

Keep this updated as a live document to use in your monthly planning
Review and adjust at the end of the month

It’s your choice how you go about it and will depend on things like what stage of business you’re in, how many staff you have (and want!) and what’s currently working well for you.

#2. A Marketing Plan

How will you market and advertise to gain the business you need?

There are endless ways to do this! The key is to have a plan, and although you’ll need to tweak it throughout the year, stick to it consistently and don’t switch randomly from one thing to the next!

  • Drive more traffic to your website through blogging (or a podcast or YouTube if you prefer)
  • Grow your social media audience
  • Get known in your area

#3. Training & Support

What training, support and resources will you need?

Consider what you want to learn yourself so you have the skills long-term and what you want to hire or outsource.

What systems do you have and what do you need?

  • A clear communication system that makes it easy for customers to book themselves is essential to maximise enquiries
  • Consider investing in booking software if you haven’t already
  • And a website that attracts traffic and converts is a must

Now you can plan in your major marketing campaigns for the year around the times you’ve forecast you’ll have budget in place and the time to execute.
As with the budget, use your year’s plan every month and review at the end of the month to stay on course throughout the year

By answering these questions and following the steps you’ll start to get an idea of the things you want to prioritise and what they’ll take to implement in terms of both planning and cost.

We’re planning 2024 in the Membership right now so it’s a great time to jump in if you want support and help to successfully grow your business next year.


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