Every year people talk about setting business goals for the upcoming year.

BUT, the biggest mistake people make is:

1.       Not writing their goals down

2.       Not making them SMART goals.

“A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish!”

As you set your Business and Personal Goals you need to make sure they are SMART goals.

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A specific goal is more likely to be achieved because you are nailing down exactly who is involved, what you want to achieve, where it will happen, when it will happen and why. For example you might say you want to have a blog on your website. But a specific goal would be you are going to create a blog by x date on your website and then write 2 blog posts every week.


Each of your goals you need to be able to measure when they will be achieved. If you have a measure then you will stay on track and ultimately achieve those goals. So how much of something are you doing, how will you know when it is achieved? For example you might say you want more visitors to your website. But how many more, when will you have achieved that goal? Do you want an extra 500 per month until you have on average 10,000 visitors per month?


Your goals should feel attainable to you. That doesn’t mean you can’t stretch yourself, but it means that you have a plan which leads you towards them. A step by step plan you can follow will help you feel like your goals are not out of reach.


Your goals need to be something that you are able and willing to work towards. Setting goals that push you is good – if you are willing to work towards them. Otherwise it’s not realistic.


You need to set a timeline for your goal. The best example of this is when it comes to weight loss. We can all say we want to lose 10lbs – but if we don’t say when we are going to lose it by we will never lose it because there is NO URGENCY and no accountability.

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