12 Week Boost Your Pet Biz Challenge: Get new clients now AND set yourself up for sustainable growth

Pet Biz Challenge

Hi, I’m Kate and I’ve built a multiple 6-figure nationally franchised pet biz that I love!

There are some key things I got in place from the start that brought immediate clients and started to grow my market share long term.

And I’m sharing them in a 12 week challenge in my membership group.

This is 12 weeks of practical training and examples you can use in your business.

No fluff, no theory, all actionable training!!

How Does the 12 Week Boost Your Pet Biz Challenge Work?

The challenge is being held in my membership group which you can either join on a monthly or yearly basis

  1. Each week (starting in January) we will work on a different topic related to your business (See outline below)
  2. You will be able to watch the weekly training video and then be given the resources to work on that topic for the week
  3. Every fortnight we will meet online during ‘Coffee With Kate’ and you can get help with what you are working on. (All group coaching sessions are recorded)
  4. And of course the Facebook Group will be open 24/7 for you to ask questions and get support in.

Sign up to the membership and join us for the 2019 Boost Your Pet Biz Challenge.

What Topics Are Going To Be Covered?

Week 1: End of Year Review

A look back at last year and some goal setting, both personal and business goals. An actionable workbook you can fill in and look back on over the year.

Week 2: Monitoring Your Progress and Planning

We’ll work on putting those goals into a plan and setting up a system to monitor you are achieving those goals.

Week 3: Choose a Social Channel To Improve and Develop

Choose your favourite social media channel and I will be helping you get the most out of it for your business.

Week 4: Get Blogging With Ease and Results

My favourite thing to teach! I’ll be helping you use my blogging template to create blogs that work for you in your business.

Week 5: Improving The Copy On Your Website

Everyone needs to be reviewing their website copy from time to time. We’ll look at sales pages and about us pages to get them in tip top shape.

Week 6 and Week 7: Building Your List To Market To

The money is in your list…or so they say! We will work on ways to build your list and what to send to them to keep them interested in your services.

Week 8 and Week 9: Master Video (Even if you hate being on camera!)

Not everyone loves video – but it’s an important part of your business. So we will be looking at growing your online presence with video.

Week 10: Are Ads Right For You?

If you are afraid of Facebook ads then I’ll be helping you decide if they are right for you.

Week 11: Getting PR For Your Business

Getting PR can be fun …if you put in the effort. We will be looking at some techniques to get PR for your business.

Week 12: Collaborating With Local Businesses

Making friends with local businesses and brands can be beneficial for your business. We’ll be looking at some ways to do that and help your grow your local network


Where Is The Challenge Being Held?

The challenge is being held inside my membership group.

So along with being able to take part in the challenge you will also get:

  • Access to all the members trainings for 12 months
  • The group coaching sessions
  • The book club (if you love to read business books!) and my support and help.

When you join you will get a year’s membership, so once the challenge finishes there will be other challenges and events inside the membership that you can take part in.

For example, at the moment we are all doing the Christmas Challenge

Sign up to the membership and join us for the 2019 Boost Your Pet Biz Challenge.

Who Is This For?

The 12 week challenge would suit any Pet Business Owner who wants to move their business on and wants some accountability to achieve their goals throughout 2019.

It also would suit someone who wants to get continued support through 2019 as part of the annual membership.

Currently I am running a Christmas Challenge and one member said

For those who have not done challenges, please do it! I have gotten more engagement on my one challenge post than almost anything else I have posted.”

That’s how much these challenges can help you!

Sign up to the membership and join us for the 2019 Boost Your Pet Biz Challenge.

Got Questions?

Get in touch via the contact form and let me know how I can help


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